Happy Holidays! TribeLA Mag goes to Hollywood! + our 1st YEAR in REVIEW starting 12.17.17

Visual Musings on the color PINK: The Pink Pop-Up Show opens 11.30–12.3 Castelli Art Space, LA

ART TODAY this week (11.19.17) Hang on as we discover World Renowned Visual Artist Synthia SAINT JAMES

BEFORE THEY GO encore presentation – “Venice Artists in Their Studios” by Debbie Zeitman

  • Before They Go by Debbie Zeitman - Linda Albertano

    Salient Sunday: Debbie Zeitman’s encore of “Before they Go” – Linda J. Albertano in her studio, see the Photo Exhibit at Wabi-Sabi

  • Debbie Zeitman and Buster at Animal Rescue

    ART TODAY 10.28.17 Documenting Venice Artists and Animal Rescues: Find out what fires up Debbie Zeitman – read her entire Acrostic Interview

  • Meet Hope, photographed by Debbie Zeitman

    ART TODAY 10.28.17 Explore the animal shelter photography of Debbie Zeitman – Adopt a new best friend!

  • Denis Thomopoulos photographed by Debbie Zeitman

    ART TODAY 10.27.17: “BEFORE THEY GO,” the Exhibit by Debbie Zeitman is the Atelier anthology of Venice artists

  • Deborah Reilly photographed by Debbie Zeitman

    ART TODAY 10.26.17 Before They Go: The Venice Wabi-Sabi restaurant is a great place to view 15 “Venice Artists in their Studios” exhibit by Debbie Zeitman

  • Marty Katon photographed by Debbie Zeitman

    ART TODAY 10.25.17 Before They Go: “VENICE ARTISTS – A DIVERSITY OF STYLES” captured on camera by Debbie Zeitman

  • Kate Wolfgang Savage by Debbie Zeitman

    ART TODAY 10.24.17 Before They Go: Debbie Zeitman has photographed and interviewed over 50 Venice Artists for this project – Her stories are astounding

  • Ned Evans by Debbie Zeitman

    ART TODAY 10.23.17 Before They Go: Venice Artists & Their Spaces by Debbie Zeitman + Acrostic Interview starts today

  • Judy Nimtz by Debbie Zeitman

    ART TODAY 10.22.17: Before They Go: Shining the Light on Venice Artists – photographs by Debbie Zeitman

The Whimsical Laureate is back: Chris Bonno and friends he recommends…

November Features

ART TODAY this week 11.5.17 – Nature photographer Greg Tucker is in the House!

Where do you go when you need a little romance in your life?

The Ripped Bodice team, Los Angeles

The Ripped Bodice: Why Bea and Leah over Amazon, “WE’RE HUMAN!”

When I asked them what their favorite traits are in a romantic hero, Bea gave me a brief tutorial. “Heroes are generally split up into two categories; alpha and beta. Alpha is the classic strong hero, whereas the beta is more sensitive.

Ripped Bodice

Exposing the World of Romance at America’s ONLY all romance bookstore right here in LA – The Ripped Bodice, Part 1

Located in Culver City, when I walked into their shop I was immediately transported into the world of romance. The bright, airy, frilly, ballerina pink store is furnished with Victorian-like settees and romance books.

Tia Chuca Press, “The Wandering Song” Anthology, and Luis Rodriguez

Sounds and the City


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