Whimsical artist Barbara Kosoff joins the line-up of Artist of the Week

All She Wants by Barbara Kosoff

ART TODAY 031818 Artist of the week Barbara Kosoff combines fun, collage, & whimsy into a single work of art

 I created this piece for the LA Times, LA Affairs column. A newly divorced woman goes out dancing for the first time as a single person and has an unexpectedly good time. My color palette is often steered by the concept and assignment. I was inspired by vintage footage from Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend…

Linda Albertano and Prince Diabate

Linda J. Albertano expounds about trips to West Africa, and playing the kora with Prince Diabate

Guinea is a poor country with a culturally rich population. They are multi-lingual, most speaking the local languages — Baga, Fulani, Malinke, Puel, Susu and French. Many Guineans who have not had a formal education speak countless world languages… among them Russian, Swedish or even Hungarian.

Welcome Jin Kim, Artist of the Week…

Jin Kim, The Artist

Meet Jin Kim, Artist of the Week – check out her Acrostic Interview

I like to skateboard in my time off. I meet a lot of free-spirited individuals and other unique creatives through skateboarding. Most of the skaters I’ve met are so interesting because they have such artistic rebellious spirits.

Madonna by Jin Kim

ART TODAY 031718 Madonna by Jin Kim – her Mom (also an artist) mentored and inspired her to become better…

Special Person: “My mother. She’s the best artist and mentor I have ever known in my life and the sacrifices that she made to make her art inspire me to push myself harder to become a better creative person.”

Tattoo Parlor by Jin Kim

ART TODAY 031618 Tattoo Parlor by Jin Kim, a gifted alumnus of the “Art Center College of Design”

I work by the window with all the lights off and curtains closed and with three different computer screens that are lit up. I like computers and moody room light since I am a digital artist.

Runaway Train by Jin Kim

ART TODAY 031508 Jin Kim’s Runaway Train

Best Advice: “Envision the best version of yourself that you want to become, then you will become it.”

INCUBUS by Jin Kim

ART TODAY 031418 INCUBUS by Jin Kim, whose favorite place in LA is “Venice Beach. Your individuality is accepted here.”

When we asked Jin Kim: What fires you up? She replied, “Looking at amazing art that artists throughout the world are constantly putting out every moment on social media and various art sites. I follow a lot of amazing artists, and seeing how much work they put out makes me want to create more art.”

Dreams by Jin Kim

ARTTODAY 031318 Dreams by Jin Kim, interweaving her passions of painting and fashion photography

“I would like to share my passion for painting and fashion photography; and I simply want to create art that combines both of the two and show the beauty of illustrative art that is driven by fashion.”


ART TODAY 031218 LOVE+WAR BY Jin Kim is Artist of the Week and her tagline is “Don’t question your art. Just let your art be what it is.”

I like to skateboard in my time off. I meet a lot of free-spirited individuals and other unique creatives through skateboarding. Most of the skaters I’ve met are so interesting because they have such artistic rebellious spirits.

Amor by Jin Kim

For Jin Kim, Key Art is just the beginning – When we asked about her favorite piece created? Jessica Jones, season 1 poster

Jin Kim is an award-winning illustrator who works in movie advertising as an art director. She has received the Key Art Award for Best TV illustrated key art. Besides making key art for movies and TV shows, she creates illustrations that are both multimedia and digital.

TribeLA Magazine ushers in March with women artists whose works have graced our pages – Thank You!

Between the Worlds by Outi Harma

ART TODAY 031018 Between the Worlds by Outi Harma – Best advice received, “Don’t blame and be the victim. Take responsibility for your life.”

Within our daily routines we can become lost in the superficial where our focus gets narrowed and limited. We are also getting more disconnected to nature. What if we could slow down to hear the earth? What if we could see the layers between the physical and non-physical world where the trees would share their wisdom and we would humbly listen. 

Hotel Fiorita by Aline Smithson

ART TODAY 030918 Fine-art photographer Aline Smithson’s best advice received: “Take chances. Embrace fear as a friend and learn to live with it.”

Aline Smithson is a Los Angeles based artist best known for her conceptual portraiture and a practice that uses humor and pathos to explore ideas of childhood, aging, and the humanity that connects us. She received a BA from the University of California at Santa Barbara and was accepted into the College of Creative Studies, studying under artists such as William Wegman, Alan Ruppersburg, and Charles Garabian. After a career as a New York Fashion Editor, Aline returned to Los Angeles and to her own artistic practice.

Rhonda by Moollz

Rhonda: Blood, Sweat, and Fears – Molly Kirschenbaum (Moollz) Delves Into All Things Woman with Her Exploration of Sexuality, Body Love, and the Fierce Female Form for International Women’s Day

Moollz orders a decaf peppermint tea. She doesn’t vibe with caffeine, despite managing the rigors of being a student at Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at New York University. “I’m studying music business, music theory, composition, production, and engineering,” she rattles off as if she’s studying basic arithmetic. She hopes to delve further into songwriting, film scoring, and multi media branding as well as honing her craft as a songwriter and composer. (from Natalie Durkin’s “Intergalactic and Intuitive Moollz”)

Judy Nimtz by Debbie Zeitman

ART TODAY 030718 “Before They Go” Venice Beach Artists – curation, photographs & new book by Debbie Zeitman

In May 2016 I came across a group of artists being forced from their studios. Their building was about to undergo renovations, and while the artists had been offered to return upon completion of construction, most could not due to the sudden increase in their rents. I asked to photograph & speak to them in their spaces before they left.

Nude-With-Pink-Shirt-Jennifer Pochinski

ART TODAY 030618 Figurative painter Jennifer Pochinski’s “Nude with Pink Skirt”

Scraping off and painting over works has been a normal part of my studio activities — so much frustration. I could never arrive at a specific method. Since moving to California seven years ago, I realized this struggle with ambiguous starting points and stopping points is painting. 

Erin Hanson Joshua Dance

ART TODAY 030518 A pair of Joshuas dancing against a California desert landscape by Erin Hanson

Erin Hanson is a life-long painter, beginning her study of oils as a young child.  Her passion for natural beauty is seen in her work as she transforms vistas familiar and rare into stunning interpretations of bold color, playful rhythms and raw emotional impact. Her frequent forays into National Parks and other recesses of nature include backpacking expeditions, rock climbing, and photo safaris.

River Rock Series by Sandy Bleifer

Renowned art critic Peter Frank provides insight into Sandy Bleifer’s various “series” as collections of thoughts about life, like the pensées… musings of a poet

My work evolves from an inquiry into the nature of my materials, my working process, and the paper itself. What I learn from my media I use as a frame of reference for the real world. The pieces in the River Rocks series express some of the common ground shared by natural processes and my art-making methods.

A Sounds and the City Exclusive Interview

Lemonade with Lexie Rose

I met - not Lexie Rose - but her mom at the Peppermint Club in July. I got my hands on a promotional card with a code to hear Lexie's newest single (at the time), "Wrong", and was hooked. Shortly thereafter I met Lexie Rose herself at Lemonade in Glendale. Over lunch we chatted about growing up in the Valley and handling school and music.

Artist’s Recommending Artists: Chris Bonno recommends Paul Torres

Synthia SAINT JAMES’ Happy Birthday Week

A Love Story by our Editor in Chief – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Smitten for Mr. Write by Janice Bremec Blum

FALLING IN LOVE: You never know who you might READ! A charming ROMANCE story from Editor in Chief Janice Bremec Blum – Happy Valentine’s Day! from TribeLA Magazine

In my hand are a dozen helium balloons clunking me on the head and a peach cobbler is teetering in the crux of my arm. I’m struggling to get the key in the front door of my bookstore, The Book Bin. The balloons will decorate the outside sandwich board announcing today’s book signing event. Barton Wallace, the number one male author in the romance genre will be here to autograph his latest book, My Woman. I’ve been a fan of Barton ever since his first book, Together, We, hit the New York Times best seller list. I’ve read…

Alexandra Dillon’s Artist of the Week 020418

The Vote is in: William Wray is TribeLA Magazine’s Artist to Watch in 2018

William Wray Bradford J. Salamon

And the winner is…WILLIAM WRAY: TribeLA Magazine has named William Wray the “Artist to Watch” for 2018! 

An eclectic artist, William Wray appeals to a wide range of tastes, styles, and superheroes. From his iconic Superman that graced the Pink Art Show to forlorn moments shared by "Partners in Crime," Wray continues to wow us. He pulls on the heart strings of his subjects not just with Sesame street characters or with Tinker Bell, but also in his landscapes...
The Break up by William Wray

New Year ART REVIEW of “The Breakup” by Super Hero William Wray – watch the artist paint

What is the best advice you can give? Expect repeated short-term failure in your career. Think about your long-term goals. Don’t have children if art is the most important thing in your life, unless you are wealthy.

ART TODAY presents Robert Soffian as Artist of the Week

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