Adam Mars' Raise the Bar with textile

ART TODAY 08.24.17: Adam Mars mixes his fabric paintings with his type art, plus his favorite restaurant in LA is revealed

acrylic and spray paint on fabric panel, 2017
21” x 28”

Raise the Bar Above Rock Bottom. This is from my most recent series of fabric paintings and it takes a more humous approach to improving the global climate.

TribeLA Magazine Acrostic Interview.5

Tools: What do you prefer to work with, physically and otherwise?
I love working with my airbrush on unconventional surfaces.

Do you cook? What is your favorite food indulgence? What is your favorite restaurant in LA where you indulge yourself?

I was raised by chefs so I know how to cook, though I don’t show off my knowledge much. I love prosciutto. My favorite restaurant is Taix in Echo Park.

Visit Adam Mars’ website to witness the detailed tapestry embodying an array of genres from his Text Paintings to Representational, Abstract, Nude, Video Game, Public Art Projects and Installations including the Deep Fried Tabloids:

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