Honors Mindset by Synthia SAINT JAMES

Synthia SAINT JAMES is an int’l award winning artist and designer of the first U.S. Postal Stamp for the Kwanzaa holiday. She has to date written and, or illustrated 13 children’s picture books, 3 poetry and prose books, 4 children’s activity books, a cookbook, and a postcard book, and we’re just getting started. Read More →

BonnoArt Super Tomato is Mad at Breakfast

As an Actor and Voice-over talent Chris Bonno moved to LA he earned guest and co-star roles on various sitcoms including “Mad About You”, The Drew Cary Show”, “Married with Children”, “Malcom and Eddie” and “Just Shoot Me”, to name a few. He’s also a working voiceover actor whose credits include 14 or so characters on the hit video game Dying Light”, the games Skate 1 and 2,  the cartoons “Curious George” and  “Mike Lu and Og” and animated ad campaigns for Red Bull and Spike TV. As a film actor, he appeared in the award winning Showtime feature “Charlie Valentine” and is currently aRead More →

Boris Karloff as Mummy by Chris Bonno

Chris’s work has also been featured in television shows such as Caroline in the City, Talk Soup and Gilmore Girls. His development as an artist has paralleled his work as an improviser, actor and comedian. With the art work being ongoing, his career as a performer has consisted of numerous appearances on tv shows and films as well as years, featuring as a standing up comedian in clubs in New York, Vegas, Chicago, Austin, Los Angeles and Canada. Read More →

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Here’s a review of Chris Bonno from our last visit…
1. He paints upside down (painting the bottom first and switching back and forth for shapes, colors and depth).
2. He is a painter, comedian, and actor with numerous appearances on tv shows, films, and tv commercials.
3. Though he was the class clown in grade school, he received a fine arts degree from the University of Texas at Austin with honors.Read More →

Huntington Beach pier photo by Greg Tucker

The California Huntington Beach Pier is one of the longest public piers on the West Coast Every day brings something new to learn, somewhere else to explore. Find a hobby and you’ll always have something to do. Tools: What do you prefer to work with, physically and otherwise? With the advent of digital technology, photography is rapidly changing—seemingly something new and wonderful to explore every six months. With the ease and quality provided by cell phone cameras, probably more photos are taken world-wide on a daily basis than in the history of photography prior to the digital discovery. Visit Greg’s website at http://gregtuckerphotography.com Check out these articlesRead More →

Tribe Baby Prince by Leo Garcia

Garcia began his social activism at age sixteen, when his father sent him to work as an apprentice recruiter for a federal VISTA program funded by the Office of Economic Opportunity. Garcia’s job was to assist in the recruitment of high school aged children of agricultural workers from the rural communities of Colorado and to orient them to the real possibilities of achieving higher education. Read More →