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Zion Vista by Erin Hanson

The bridge over the Virgin River, in Zion National Park, is a popular spot to catch the beautiful red cliffs and winding river. This painting captures all the drama and magnificence of this amazing vista. The oil paint was thickly applied with a brush, the impressionsitic colors melding together to capture the fleeting light of dawn. READ MORE

Erin Hanson Joshua Dance

Joshua Tree National Park is full of inspiration for painting, with its abstract piles of rocks and otherworldly Joshua Trees. This painting captures a pair of Joshuas dancing against a backdrop of California desert landscape. The brush strokes are thick and impressionistic, alive with color and motion. READ MORE

Erin Hanson Coastal Cypress

This painting was inspired by a uniquely-shaped coastal pine tree on a golf course in Pebble Beach.

Erin Hanson is now offering fine art prints directly to her fans and collectors.

Erin Hanson is now offering fine art prints directly to her fans and collectors. These beautiful prints are created on artist-selected canvas, with inks and finishes that Erin has determined most closely capture the look of her original oil paintings. READ MORE

Borrego in Bloom by Erin Hanson

The 2017 “super bloom” in southern California caused thousands of visitors to roam the desert and mountainsides, photographing the bright, abundant flowers. I explored the super bloom in Borrego Springs, and they were indeed the most beautiful I have ever seen in the desert! I was actually inspired to release a whole new collection of works of the super bloom, to be released later this summer. READ MORE

On the Beach by Frank Creaturo, Jr.

I read about art and culture, art magazines, I joined about 36 art groups on Facebook and then I started my own called Art Effects and now has over 21,000 friends there to share their artwork and critique. I’ve even been invited to international shows, but that involves a lot of packing the art and then packing and shipping it home if it doesn’t sell. But, it’s been a great experience having the group and meeting people all over the world. And, I do ‘gift of the day’ on my own page because it’s too much to try and upload it to all the groups. READ MORE

Yet to be titled by Creaturo, Jr.

Frankie is proud of his many awards and one in particular is 1st Place out of 1,500 artists at the New York Reform School Artfest in October, 2010. The Reform School Project is a charity dedicated to reforming schools by raising funds to improve education by providing much need needed supplies. READ MORE

Vroman's bookstore logo

Vroman’s “AN INDIE BOOKSTORE MOMENT” by B.J. Hegedus I was working on a display table in our Home Emporium section, stacks of new cookbooks, waiting for their place alongside gift merchandise. Figuring it all out is akin to real life Tetrus. While stringing twinkle lights through some very tall branches I’d discovered in our fixture room, a woman walked up to me and asked if I might be able to recommend a new book for her to read. What do you like to read, I asked. Mysteries with strongly defined characters she said. She loved to find authors whom had written numerous books so she READ MORE

Good Earth by Frank Creaturo, Jr.

Creaturo has been active in many charity events, he’s designed program covers for American Diabetes Foundation, Big Brothers & Big Sisters, and Make a Wish. In late 2005, Creaturo had one-man shows at the Jewish Community Center (JCC) of Sarasota and at the Shands Teaching Hospital at the University of Florida in Gainesville. READ MORE

Władysław Strzemiński, played by Polish superstar Boguslaw Linda with his students

When film publicist Sasha Berman sends something over, we pay close attention to her indie films, which have artistic characteristics different from U.S. films — a certain rawness. They are culturally based, provative, and the subtitles give the film an even more intriguing perspective, as we found it so with her most recent premiere, AFTERIMAGE. Los Angeles Times film critic Robert Abele had this to say:

Andrzej Wajda’s “Afterimage” feels vividly connected to the Polish auteur’s beginnings, yet also acts as the kind of haunting close that sums up a life. READ MORE

Secrets of the Young & Successful

To be successful, we all have to be able to sell ourselves quickly and clearly. Just think: How can other people buy into your vision and what you’re all about if they don’t know what you have to offer in the first place? One of the most remarkable things about the Young and Successful is that they almost always have a story to tell that defines them. When asked what they’re up to, they never utter the useless response, “Uh, nothing much.” READ MORE

“Our mission is to inspire and create joy in every aspect of our guests’ stays,” said General Manager, Anna Olson. “‘Allegretto’ is our ‘Aloha’.’’ A little over 200 miles from L.A., this vacation destination is nestled on 20 acres that include wine-grapes, olives and fruit trees, 171 guest rooms and suites, a restaurant with chef’s garden, wine bar, 12,000-square-foot courtyard, pool and cabanas, spa, Abbey (a multi-use French-inspired chapel), ballroom, indoor and outdoor event space, walking paths, manicured Mediterranean gardens, specially crafted vignettes, and arts and artifacts that invoke the luxury, warmth, and beauty of la dolce vita. READ MORE

Got Art? We're featuring L.A. Artists in TribeLA Magazine

Rather, you are emerging or established and you’ve GOT ART, we are interested in representing some of your art pieces in TribeLA Magazine. In addition to the magazine (print and online) you receive a lot of love on our website, our blog, and our new Art-on-Walls community-based project. We offer publicity to help you gain international recognition in addition to art exhibits, art-in-the-workplace, product placement, and sales. We also offer you an artist portfolio plus an online art gallery. READ MORE

Rain Room image at LACMA

Good-bye Rain Room. “Rain Room is a remarkable work of art, whose creative courage and extraordinary concept have captivated audiences around the world,” said RH Chairman and CEO, Gary Friedman. Random International’s Rain Room is part of LACMA’s ongoing Art + Technology initiative, a series of contemporary programs that support artists’ experiments with emerging technology. READ MORE

Today, Chris Bonno is an award winning Los Angeles artist and comedian who received his Fine Arts Degree from the University of Texas at Austin with honors. He started out as an illustrator with work shown in publications such as Austin Chronicle, National Lampoon, The WGA magazine, The L. A. Weekly with regular exhibits in galleries in Texas and California. READ MORE

It's Spa time at San Marquis Hotel

Couples Romance Ritual Rose Petals & Candlelight adorn your private suite with a rainfall shower for two. Enjoy side by side Aromatherapy Massages, Champagne & Chocolate Covered Strawberries Sunset Marquis’ West Hollywood luxury spa offers the ultimate escape with world-class spa treatments, outdoor pools and more in a 1,800 sq. ft. oasis. Learn more. Source: Luxury West Hollywood Spa | Luxury Hollywood Hotels READ MORE