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Between the Worlds by Outi Harma

Within our daily routines we can become lost in the superficial where our focus gets narrowed and limited. We are also getting more disconnected to nature. What if we could slow down to hear the earth? What if we could see the layers between the physical and non-physical world where the trees would share their wisdom and we would humbly listen.  READ MORE

Hotel Fiorita by Aline Smithson

Aline Smithson is a Los Angeles based artist best known for her conceptual portraiture and a practice that uses humor and pathos to explore ideas of childhood, aging, and the humanity that connects us. She received a BA from the University of California at Santa Barbara and was accepted into the College of Creative Studies, studying under artists such as William Wegman, Alan Ruppersburg, and Charles Garabian. After a career as a New York Fashion Editor, Aline returned to Los Angeles and to her own artistic practice. READ MORE

Rhonda by Moollz

Moollz orders a decaf peppermint tea. She doesn’t vibe with caffeine, despite managing the rigors of being a student at Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at New York University. “I’m studying music business, music theory, composition, production, and engineering,” she rattles off as if she’s studying basic arithmetic. She hopes to delve further into songwriting, film scoring, and multi media branding as well as honing her craft as a songwriter and composer. (from Natalie Durkin’s “Intergalactic and Intuitive Moollz”) READ MORE

Judy Nimtz by Debbie Zeitman

In May 2016 I came across a group of artists being forced from their studios. Their building was about to undergo renovations, and while the artists had been offered to return upon completion of construction, most could not due to the sudden increase in their rents. I asked to photograph & speak to them in their spaces before they left. READ MORE

Erin Hanson Joshua Dance

Erin Hanson is a life-long painter, beginning her study of oils as a young child.  Her passion for natural beauty is seen in her work as she transforms vistas familiar and rare into stunning interpretations of bold color, playful rhythms and raw emotional impact. Her frequent forays into National Parks and other recesses of nature include backpacking expeditions, rock climbing, and photo safaris. READ MORE

I met – not Lexie Rose – but her mom at the Peppermint Club in July. I got my hands on a promotional card with a code to hear Lexie’s newest single (at the time), “Wrong”, and was hooked. Shortly thereafter I met Lexie Rose herself at Lemonade in Glendale. Over lunch we chatted about growing up in the Valley and handling school and music.

River Rock Series by Sandy Bleifer

My work evolves from an inquiry into the nature of my materials, my working process, and the paper itself. What I learn from my media I use as a frame of reference for the real world. The pieces in the River Rocks series express some of the common ground shared by natural processes and my art-making methods. READ MORE

Fabloid LA by Rob Sussman

Fabloid LA This is an old one for LA Weekly. Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. I initially drew them as heralding the apocalypse, but then felt bad, like I and so many others were scapegoating them. More projection, perhaps, but it was really fun to draw. TribeLA Magazine Acrostic Interview with Rob Sussman.6 Special: Who or what holds a special place in your heart? How does this factor into your creative process? My sons have been the center of my life for 20+ years, lighting up my existence and offering great feedback (when they can be bothered). A couple teachers at Otis READ MORE

8 of 55 cards by Rob Sussman

Clockwise from upper left: Emma Goldman, Nina Simone, Walt Whitman, card back, James Baldwin, Marcel Duchamp, Angela Davis, card back, Henry Geldzehler, Margaret Cho. The deck was inspired by famed Greenwich Village jazz and comedy club the Village Gate. Over the course of its 35 year history, the 3-story club hosted everyone from Nina Simone to Noam Chomsky, Richard Pryor to the Velvet Underground. READ MORE

Père Lachaise by Rob Sussman

En Route to Père Lachaise – Interminable pointillist odyssey. I’d returned to LA from three weeks in Asia where, in the ancient city of Luoyang, capital of numerous Chinese dynasties, I had a kind of existential meltdown/breakthrough. All sorts of arbitrary habits and assumptions were thrown into high relief. I was drunk and felt like I was facing death. What Saul Bellow described as the dark backing of a mirror. READ MORE

All Gates Open by Rob Sussman

Though named after a song by Can, I drew this upon hearing David Lynch talk about where great ideas come from. “Trillions and zillions of ideas,” he said, “and they’re all there, waiting to be caught.” I wanted to communicate that sense of abundance — a kind of blossoming, voluptuous life force. Fertility run amok. READ MORE