Katabachi by Michael Flechtner

“Neon, more properly luminous tube, has been my medium of expression for nearly a decade.  It has replaced the paint and sculptural materials I used as a student.  I’m ever mindful of the compelling nature of this pure, colored, glowing light and the tendency of many to see “all things neon” as signage or kitsch.” READ MORE

PINK announcement by William Wray

We get a little queasy thinking that while hanging the show, we may find some art complimenting each other by happy accident, or be stuck in a retina-straining house of horrors full of art pieces abstractly at war. Either way, we like the tension of the merry-go-round of possibilities. READ MORE


If the myth of power is in part sustained by taking, or “abducting” (appropriating) what is owned by someone else and then making it your own and claiming it, then Garcia’s pantheon literally apes a hierarchical power structure that is human in invention. –Clayton Campbell READ MORE

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  Listen to “White Rabbit” and get to know Annabelle Maginnis of MetronOhm with ten facts. 1. “Is it the matter that matters or the space between?” Maginnis writes with chalk around Los Angeles when promoting shows or new work. A favorite tagline for MetronOhm’s music? “Is it the matter that matters or the space between?” If these walls could talk. ❤️ 💛 💙 Can't believe someone answered my question with our lyrics… who done it?! I appreciate you! A post shared by MetronOhm (@metronohmmusic) on Sep 7, 2017 at 7:06am PDT 2. “I felt like I had to” Maginnis started with violin around age READ MORE