Tribe Baby Prince by Leo Garcia

Garcia began his social activism at age sixteen, when his father sent him to work as an apprentice recruiter for a federal VISTA program funded by the Office of Economic Opportunity. Garcia’s job was to assist in the recruitment of high school aged children of agricultural workers from the rural communities of Colorado and to orient them to the real possibilities of achieving higher education. Read More →

Fear Not by Leo Garcia

Fear Not (Artist’s note: Fear Not was completed on November 8th, 2016 … Election night,  hmmmm…) Not only is Leo Garcia an acclaimed visual artist, but as a filmmaker, he produced the independent full length feature Excess Flesh, a psychological thriller with tones of body horror:  “a modern day Los Angeles. the entrapment of dreams. the prison of self. a la Polanski, Zulawski, von Trier.” Excess Flesh premiered at SXSW on Friday, March 13, 2015.  Theatrically, Excess Flesh was released for a one-week Limited Engagement in Los Angeles in October, 2105. The film is distributed by Midnight Releasing and is available on VOD/DVD on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and others. Leo alsoRead More →


If the myth of power is in part sustained by taking, or “abducting” (appropriating) what is owned by someone else and then making it your own and claiming it, then Garcia’s pantheon literally apes a hierarchical power structure that is human in invention. –Clayton CampbellRead More →