Seth Cripe - LOLA Wines, Ian Flanigan photographer

I told him that I was interested in pursuing a career in wine. He was very nice and gave me a business card, said to keep in touch for when I was old enough to come out and work a harvest with them in Napa Valley.” Cripe took Swanson up on his offer and, at just 17 years old with only $1200 in his pocket, he showed up at Swanson’s doorstep ready to embark on a career in wine. READ MORE

Harley and Me by Bernadette Murphy

We look to George. Was that a gun? “Could be hunting season,” he speculates, eyebrows lifted. “Or maybe there’s a shooting range nearby.” The sharp cracks come more frequently. Multiple shooters. Whoever they are, they seem to be moving closer.

We all go by certain assumptions that we live in a largely civil, law-abiding society. Still, it’s hard not to flash back on the final scenes of Easy Rider with its denouement of casual, explosive violence against the free-spirited, live-and-let-live cross-country riders. But that was only a movie, right? Right?

I glance at Emily for an assuring look that will confirm I’m overreacting. But her widened eyes and the taut set of her jaw tell me she’s frightened, too. READ MORE

Buoy on blue pillow

After Natalie read Miss Annie’s book excerpts, Buoy decided to contemplate his interview questions in the photo above. “THE ISLAND” is Davis’s second book that carries on the saga of the Judge and Katy, his new squeeze, including Miss Annie on the Island of Catalina. In addition to interviewing his fellow canines, Buoy enjoys swimming at his family’s lake house, being told how handsome he is, and playing with his friends (a white Labrador named Dewey and a Shih-Tzu named Nellie, to name a few). READ MORE

Artist Erin Hanson

From La Jolla to Monterey, Erin Hanson has for many years traveled the diverse and spectacular California coast for inspiration for new paintings. You are invited to:

Erin Hanson: Coastal California
Saturday, June 24th | 5pm – 9pm
The Erin Hanson Gallery | 9705 Carroll Centre Road, San Diego, Ca 92126

The coast offers Hanson a sense of calm tranquility and neverending possibility. In this new collection you can expect, as ever, for Hanson to pull from her unique view of nature and her early dawn explorations to tell a story not yet seen on canvas of our beautiful Coastal California. READ MORE

The Bay by Davis MacDonald

He’d brought his favorite toy car down to drive on their working vacation. The Jag was a convertible, racing green, 1969, vintage. His tried and true toy since he bought it from the original owner back in 1989. He loved the car. Except for the Lucas electrical system, which he overlooked, the way a proud parent overlooks a club foot….

There had been a day when he’d felt swashbuckling in the car. Younger and slimmer then. It was hard to remember back. He had only faded shadows of memories of what it’d been like. Realistically the Judge had always been too tall for the car. And now he was too old and too fat as well. The convertible top was already down, by necessity. He unsnapped the tonneau over its cockpit on the driver’s side, then knelt down, squeezing his bulk in and under the wooden steering wheel, struggling with a two piece seat belt that both went around his waist and came down over his shoulder, a new innovation back in the day. READ MORE

Vroman's bookstore logo

Did you know that Independent booksellers have made most of the national bestselling authors that we know today? And here’s a perfect example from B.J. Hegedus from Vroman’s Bookstore.

They recognize a good book and they take the time to know their customers. TribeLA Magazine supports Independent Booksellers. We have quite a few in Los Angeles and you will be hearing more from them in the coming months, so check back often. Also in this section, read about exciting new authors and new books. READ MORE

Photo collage from Mixed and Remixed Festival

Globalization and multiculturalism is not just foreign policy or trendy fusion restaurants; for a growing number of people, it is in their DNA. Reconciling two cultures can be nearly effortless, but for most it takes years of introspection and struggle to find a balance that works. All mixed relationships and individuals are the sum of its parts, and this collective mixed experience of accepting two cultures, learning to connect these puzzle pieces, and creating a cohesive identity is what binds these individuals together. READ MORE

Money in the Eyes (close up), bronze, unique edition, 2017

“The Life Burger sculptures combine two opposing functions: they offer a sharp criticism of the society we live in and yet simultaneously they are luxury objects in their own right.”

Exhibited for the first time, The Life Burger will open May 4th at FAB-Gallery. It will include the Veyron Berger, The Skull Burger, The Buddha Burger and the solid silver Trump Burger, which features President Trump riding a bison, (itself a sacred American Indian symbol) and is a multi-faceted reading of the Trump phenomenon and celebrity culture in America today. READ MORE

Co-working offices have begun popping up all over the country as more and more individuals and small teams begin to form their own firms and businesses, but most of them are geared towards corporate office spaces that are convenient for newer or smaller businesses. This is specifically where Maker City L.A. stands out. In an effort to house a more creative and artistic group of entrepreneurs, Maker City combines work and play and creates an organically collaborative environment in the process. Meet Teresa Garcia, General Manager. READ MORE

Emily Henderson

The way she mixes Art in decorating is what we like most about designer and New York Times bestselling author Emily Henderson The book Styled is celebrated as “The ultimate guide to thinking like a stylist, with 1,000 design ideas for creating the most beautiful, personal, and livable rooms.” According to Emily, it’s easy to find your own style confidence once you know this secret: While decorating can take months and tons of money, styling often takes just minutes. Even a few little tweaks can transform the way your room feels. At the heart of Styled are Emily Henderson’s ten easy steps to styling any READ MORE

It's Spa time at San Marquis Hotel

Couples Romance Ritual Rose Petals & Candlelight adorn your private suite with a rainfall shower for two. Enjoy side by side Aromatherapy Massages, Champagne & Chocolate Covered Strawberries Sunset Marquis’ West Hollywood luxury spa offers the ultimate escape with world-class spa treatments, outdoor pools and more in a 1,800 sq. ft. oasis. Learn more. Source: Luxury West Hollywood Spa | Luxury Hollywood Hotels READ MORE

If you’re feeling good about your home state right now, you should According to Los Angeles Magazine, there is a bright side to this election, and it’s California. On a night when the nation signed off on Donald Trump’s dark vision of America, our state stood out by contrast. Look at what we just did: We legalized marijuana. As I’ve written before – Prop 64 is about more than getting high. It’s about rolling back the war on drugs, removing nonviolent offenders from our prisons, kicking the federal government in the rear to end marijuana prohibition, spurring our economy and providing political cover for legalization READ MORE