Illustrator Joe Rocco

He is skilled at his craft and gets energized when he receives a new assignment from an art director.
He likes reading in bed and enjoys cooking Italian and Greek foods.
He is developing a new project, a testimonial to his dad called Badda Bing! Badda Boom, a children’s book about growing up Italian American in New York. Read More →

All time favorite piece: Lately, it’s for a children’s book that I’m developing about growing up Italian American in New York called “Badda Bing! Badda Boom!” It’s mostly a tribute to the Italian swagger that is my dad. And I love working on my comic strip “Fluffer and Nutter” every chance I get.Read More →

Hillary and Bernie - Game of Thrones by Joe Rocco

On my bookshelf I have all the books knick knacks and personal items that inspire me, including a small collection of vintage television sets and a growing collection of snow domes from places I’ve been and places I would like to visit one day. When I’m not here at my home studio I like to work with other illustrators at their studios if possible.Read More →

Joe Rocco's satellite repairman

Best advice received: I’m rather fond of the expression “Under-Promise but Over-Deliver” (a former boss of mine said) when it comes to the work I do for any client. I like the idea of not making too ambitious a promise about the work I will do, but then going that extra mile so the client feels that I went far beyond their expectations.Read More →

The Debt Ceiling by Joe Rocco

I’m excited when I get an assignment from an art director to solve their problems visually with my style, talent and choices. It’s challenging, and an illustration could go South so easily if I make poor choices so the challenge is in coming up with a strong concept and executing it with skill, craft and as much panache as I can afford.Read More →

The Jewish Origins of Superman (New York Newsday)

Joe’s style is whimsical and has been seen in such magazines as Sports Illustrated, Entertainment Weekly, Time, Forbes, The Village Voice, Fantagraphics Press, Disney and countless others. For ten years he illustrated the nationally syndicated column, “Joe Bob’s America” for The New York Times Syndicate and as a cartoonist he created and distributed two comic strips throughout the US and Canada.Read More →