Katabachi by Michael Flechtner

Neon, more properly luminous tube, has been my medium of expression for nearly a decade.  It has replaced the paint and sculptural materials I used as a student.  I’m ever mindful of the compelling nature of this pure, colored, glowing light and the tendency of many to see “all things neon” as signage or kitsch.  It is my experience that the more traditional viewer and critic resist seeing neon as a fine art medium.Read More →

Pink Pop up Show logo by William Wray

Every now and then, something novel, fresh, and whimsical comes along – Something born out of the grass roots demands of the few, and the multitudes. Artists are poised… tools in hand, ready to capture this moment in history. We all know there is an explosion of new artwork and new art forms. The Pink pop-up Show articulates this awareness. Read More →

Pinkman by William Wray

H/I Art Advisory works to connect artists with collectors and organizations that help to further their career. Though we are based in Los Angeles, we partner with foundations and organizations on a global level to increase the visibility of artists whose careers have been outside of the institutional norm, thereby helping to redefine the manner by which new art is accepted and shown.” Read More →

PINK Pop up Show, Los Angeles

We get a little queasy thinking that while hanging the show, we may find some art complimenting each other by happy accident, or be stuck in a retina-straining house of horrors full of art pieces abstractly at war. Either way, we like the tension of the merry go round of possibilities. Read More →