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If you clicked on the home link, you have landed. This is where we tell you a bit about what’s going on at TribeLA Magazine. Besides having lots of fun working with great artists, authors, and designers (mostly here in L.A.), on Sunday, June 11, 2017, we are launching “Art Today,” a daily art presentation to show off the works of new artists during the entire week. This gives you a chance to absorb the style, technique, and rhythm of the artist, which will help you to recognize contemporary artists and their work.

We begin each new phase of our Journey from the East Coast to the West commencing with the art of Frank Creaturo, Jr. I will add to list as we bring you fascinating new art, mostly (but not all) L.A. artists and the story behind the art.

Now, to the literary side of things. Effective Father’s Day, 2017, we are kicking off our “Summer Reads” titles, with short stories, excerpts, and some fascinating reads from local authors. We will also get some help from our local bookstores too.

Meanwhile, we’ll see you around town!


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