Frankie Creaturo, abstract acrylicFrankie Creaturo, abstract acrylic

Creative Services

Creative ideas and services, collaborations, partnerships, sponsorships, plus Integrated Marketing = TribeLA Magazine

We are not only magazine publishers, we are artists, content providers and Integrated Marketing specialists. We love brainstorming, implementiing ideas, and collaborating with our marketing partners to explore new possibilities!  You receive both creative services and ad space in a beautiful new print publication distributed locally and online. You also enjoy the benefits of new media.

Our team of editors, designers, photoraphers, illustrators, and videographers can bring artful creativity to your brand’s publishing and marketing projects.

We look forward to brainstorming, and collaborating with you on your next project along with customized features for Art on Walls, The Roundtable, Off the Page, the new age of FWS (Food, Wine, Spirits), and the New Voices film and literary projects.

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