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Robert Soffian’s TribeLA Magazine Acrostic Interview

I cherish my time in the studio by myself just working. That’s the space to experiment and work out the formalistic issues I have been following. Usually I am excited by internal fixations rather than things in the objective world. I love color and movement and playing with figures in action. Also learning new techniques and discovering different ways to use materials is my joint.

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ART TODAY 01.31.18 Excavation by Robert Soffian

Excavation, on vellum An imagined codex full of repeated glyphs in the manner of ancient texts. As I reflect on my life as a painter, I must try to reconstruct what got me here. I think the most obvious stimulus must have been my work as a director and lighting...

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ART TODAY 01.30.18 Evolution Commotion by Robert Soffian

Evolution Commotion – oil, dye, stamps on canvas (48" x 48") a jaunty island of Dr. Moreau Travel has also been a factor in my life. We were encouraged to get out and experience the world. Often I am amazed at how much freedom my rather conservative parents allowed...

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Our First Artful Year – Happy Birthday TribeLA Magazine!

It was January 2017 when TribeLA Magazine launched. With hard work, determination, and immense gratitude, TribeLA Mag continues to blossom every month. We thank YOU, the artists, authors, musicians, and especially our fellow Los Angeles tribe who made our debut year their favorite go to on-line magazine.

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Review of Pink Feathers by Aline Smithson

In 2016, the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum commissioned Aline to a series of portraits for the upcoming Faces of Our Planet Exhibition and Luna Press will be publishing her first children’s book in the Fall of 2017.

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