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William Wray

He challenges himself to create a brand of realistic expressionism he hopes to use as a bridge into the customarily circumspect contemporary art world. He has lived in California most of his life and studied painting at the Art Students League in New York.
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William Wray selfie

Youth Poet Laureate Rhiannon McGavin’s “Art Class” Poem

In my kindergarten art class, sunlight dripped through finger paint covered windows. I learned the primaries, red blue yellow, you could make the whole rainbow from just three colors. you’re older when you tell yourself you only looked at female anatomical models for reference but this girl made me understand why they say, pretty as a painting. ...
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Rhiannon McGavin, Youth Poet Laureate

Polavision by Susan Hayden – A captivating poetic Memoir inspired by a Terence Winch poem

"Around 1966, I was bitten after hours by a standard poodle named Coco. My pediatrician had to make a house call to give me a tetanus shot. I wanted to marry Dr Sokoloff and faked sick all the time so he would have to examine me. I was three. He was James Coburn’s double. I’d seen “Ride Lonesome”; I already knew my future husband would be like a steak at The Palm, a Prime Porterhouse; rough-hewn on the outside, tender underneath."
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Susan Hayden, Library Girl

Library Girl “Susan Hayden” says in Interview, Don’t be Quiet – Your Words Matter!

Susan Hayden is the Creator/Producer & Curator of the monthly, mixed-genre literary series, Library Girl, now in its 9thyear at the Ruskin Group Theatre in Santa Monica, CA. In 2015, she was presented with the Bruria Finkel/Artist In The Community Award by the Santa Monica Arts Commission for her “significant contributions to the energetic discourse within Santa Monica’s arts community.” Susan’s proudest achievement has been raising her son, singer-songwriter Mason Summit. 
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Susan Hayden at A.G. Geiger in Chinatown

ART TODAY 042018 The Keeper by Charles Bibbs – For us to move forward, we must know our history

Charles Bibbs has featured his works in numerous galleries and art venues across the nation and abroad, such as the International Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan in 2004. Today, he is serving as permanent Artist-In-Residence for ASALH (The Association for the Study of African American Life & History, Washington, DC., an organization founded by Carter G. Woodson (Founder of Black History Month).
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The Keeper by Charles Bibbs

ART TODAY 041918 Purple Umbrella by Charles Bibbs – creator of the Black Madonna in the movie, “The Secret Life of Bees”

In his 47 years as an artist, Charles Bibbs has received over 100 recognitions and awards for his art and philanthropic spirit, including the “Key to the City” awards in 7 major cities across the United States. His Work has been widely featured in films, such as the “The Secret Life of Bees” (he created the ‘Black Madonna’ subject for this movie), television, books and CD covers including six cover designs for the Urban Knight Collection that features legendary musicians Ramsey Lewis and Grover Washington.
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Purple Umbrella by Charles Bibbs

ART TODAY 041818 Yellow Umbrella by Charles Bibbs + A 2-minute podcast on the business of Art…

Charles Bibbs is the founder of several organizations and businesses such as, Art On Tour, Images Magazine, The Inland Empire Music, and Arts Foundation. Bibbs is also the founder of two publishing and distribution companies, the former B Graphics and Fine Arts, and his present business, Studio B Art Publishing and Distribution. He has also owned and operated seven art galleries in Southern California.
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Yellow Umbrella by Charles Bibbs

ART TODAY 041718 Red Umbrella + “Art is a symbol of your Awareness” The Charles Bibbs podcast-part 2 with Jewel Diamond Taylor

Charles Bibbs continues to lend his support to artists through his mentorship and the Art2000 Visual Arts Association, a 501c3 non-profit organization which he founded in the year of 2000. Before becoming a full-time artist, Charles spent 25 years working in corporate America where he gained invaluable experience in the business world, including learning the principles of marketing which he applies to many aspects of his art business.
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Red Umbrella by Charles Bibbs

ART TODAY 041518 Charles Bibbs is in the House! As Artist of the Week + a short video with Synthia SAINT JAMES

I have always said, “that my most important goal as an artist is to make profound aesthetic art statements that are ethnically rooted and at the same time arouse the spiritual emotions in the viewers. I want to tell stories in my art that mirrors the Black Experience, but in a way that is uniquely mine. I want to create an art language that is uniquely ”Bibbs” that will take the viewer on a unique journey into a different experience.” Charles Bibbs
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Patterns of Life II, by Charles Bibbs

041418 “Look at Me” – Also, a must read and see are Peter Nelson and Rohitash Rao’s book series’ that JK Rowling called “absolutely wonderful—fast-paced, inventive, engaging, and hilarious.”

In 2009 Rohitash and his longtime writing partner, Peter Nelson, published their first children’s book, “Herbert’s Wormhole” through Harper Collins. J.K. Rowling gave it a thumbs up and it soon led to a trilogy. The books are now sold all over the U.S., Brazil and Korea. Their second book series, “Creature Keepers” is a 4-book series and book 4 was released last October, 2017.
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Pretend I'm your Phone by Rohitash Rao

041318 “Facebook” – Rohitash Rao’s favorite drug is Peanut Butter and Chocolate smoothies that aren’t cheap, especially in Venice! Enjoy this Snapple “Chaplin” short film with your favorite indulgence

Besides Rohit's prolific animating and bookmaking career, he also finds time to paint. No matter what city he is in, he has always found random items of trash on the streets to paint on. His paintings reflect our cultural consumption created on the very things that we throw away. They are conceptual and clever and are a thought-provoking (and often funny) take on the way we live.
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Facebook is like a girlfriend by Rohitash Rao

ART TODAY 041218 The “Album Covers” exhibit for bands that don’t exist is coming to Downtown LA in May… Details soon + Sci Fi channel’s “Bucket” promo

In 2015 Peter and Rohitash created a number of animated short films for Comedy Central called “Anau Jiram” which airs on an animated block of comedy called “Trip Tank.” Peter and Ro call this their “Beavis and Butthead” — about two idiot 20-something roommates who have surreal adventures. (“Anau Jiram” is “marijuana” spelled backwards.)
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The Girl who Invented Darkness (front album cover) by Rohitash Rao

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Exclusive: Seth Cripe – the Venice Beach vintner says, “it was Robert Mondavi who also made an impact on his passion for Napa Valley and great wine” – Part 1

…but once in a while a bright new star starts to shine in the industry, someone who has been graced with a lot of innate winemaking talent. Such is the case with the Venice Beach vintner, Seth Cripe, whose winery, grape vines and headquarters/guest house are in Calistoga, Napa Valley.

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