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Willaim Wray by Bradford J. Salamon

“There’s a certain kind of classism in the art world.” Wray explains. “A lot of very contemporary art might not be so open to art that is narrative or illustrative. In the “Pink Manifesto” defining the philosophy of this show, the question about the controversy of different concepts of art is addressed clearly.

Artist Erin Hanson

From La Jolla to Monterey, Erin Hanson has for many years traveled the diverse and spectacular California coast for inspiration for new paintings. You are invited to:

Erin Hanson: Coastal California
Saturday, June 24th | 5pm – 9pm
The Erin Hanson Gallery | 9705 Carroll Centre Road, San Diego, Ca 92126

The coast offers Hanson a sense of calm tranquility and neverending possibility. In this new collection you can expect, as ever, for Hanson to pull from her unique view of nature and her early dawn explorations to tell a story not yet seen on canvas of our beautiful Coastal California. READ MORE

Money in the Eyes (close up), bronze, unique edition, 2017

“The Life Burger sculptures combine two opposing functions: they offer a sharp criticism of the society we live in and yet simultaneously they are luxury objects in their own right.”

Exhibited for the first time, The Life Burger will open May 4th at FAB-Gallery. It will include the Veyron Berger, The Skull Burger, The Buddha Burger and the solid silver Trump Burger, which features President Trump riding a bison, (itself a sacred American Indian symbol) and is a multi-faceted reading of the Trump phenomenon and celebrity culture in America today. READ MORE

Erin Hanson

​“I just want people to be happy when they see my paintings” says artist Erin Hanson. In her studio, golden frames surround large panels of dizzying flower fields, jagged red cliffs, rivers trickling over rocky beds, and dense mountain forests. Erin’s art draws inspiration from the great outdoors. Whether she is visiting a new city for a show or touring a national park, she is constantly in search of scenes to paint.

Many of her works are inspired by her experiences rock-climbing and backpacking—she still takes week-long trips once or twice a year for the sheer enjoyment as well as to find more material for her paintings.
​Erin has developed a personal style, called “open impressionism” making oil paint her primary medium because she likes the texture and its resemblance to the great Vincent van Gogh. READ MORE

Moth by Jim des Rivieres

Tucked away on trendy and hip Abbot Kinney in Venice CA, G2 Gallery is definitely worthy of a visit during your stroll up the blvd after breakfast, lunch, or dinnner. Everytime I walk into G2, I am immediately transformed into another space and time. The photographs are so vivid they make me want to buy everything on the wall. Going to the G2 Gallery is like visiting your favorite Museum. You stop often to view breathtaking nature-photography. Right now, you have a chance to view the fourth and final installment of the 100 Years of National Parks series celebrating the centennial of the National Park Service READ MORE

Lucky Dragons (Luke Fischbeck and Sarah Rara

  Artist Lab Residency | September 24 – December 16, 2016 18th Street Arts Center | Main Gallery Reception November 5, 2016 | 6-8pm (Free RSVP below)   Los Angeles-based collective Lucky Dragons (Luke Fischbeck and Sarah Rara) Santa Monica’s 18th Street Arts Center is the largest, continuously running artist residency program in Southern California. Their mission is to provoke public dialogue through contemporary art-making. They believe the creative process is just as important as the outcome and we agree here at TribeLA Magazine. We love the vibrant colors of the buildings and Executive Director Jan Williams is one of our advisory board members. Going READ MORE