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Artist Erin Hanson

From La Jolla to Monterey, Erin Hanson has for many years traveled the diverse and spectacular California coast for inspiration for new paintings. You are invited to:

Erin Hanson: Coastal California
Saturday, June 24th | 5pm – 9pm
The Erin Hanson Gallery | 9705 Carroll Centre Road, San Diego, Ca 92126

The coast offers Hanson a sense of calm tranquility and neverending possibility. In this new collection you can expect, as ever, for Hanson to pull from her unique view of nature and her early dawn explorations to tell a story not yet seen on canvas of our beautiful Coastal California. READ MORE

Władysław Strzemiński, played by Polish superstar Boguslaw Linda with his students

When film publicist Sasha Berman sends something over, we pay close attention to her indie films, which have artistic characteristics different from U.S. films — a certain rawness. They are culturally based, provative, and the subtitles give the film an even more intriguing perspective, as we found it so with her most recent premiere, AFTERIMAGE. Los Angeles Times film critic Robert Abele had this to say:

Andrzej Wajda’s “Afterimage” feels vividly connected to the Polish auteur’s beginnings, yet also acts as the kind of haunting close that sums up a life. READ MORE

Chris Bonno and Lucy

Playing with shapes and colors, Bonno chuckles when he explains that he loves the “f…k it factor.” Basically, that means going mad in his own world and giving himself permission to be loose. That freeing spirit is found in all of Bonno’s work. “I don’t leave a painting until I believe in it” he says, “until it impresses me.”

When I asked Bonno what advice he would give for aspiring artists, without flinching he stated, “Get out of your own way!” He feels that everyone has their own, private and personal relationship with art and it shouldn’t be marred by the critical voices in our head. READ MORE

Linda J. Albertano

VIRTUE by Linda J. Albertano Photographed by Alexis Rhone Fancher Virtue rides into town on a convertible Clydesdale. She’s wrapped in blue-and-white stars and is eating an apple concoction. Ah, Virtue! They want you. Your symbols are so succulent! They want to use you for purposes of personal adornment. They want to pin you, wholesome and lovely, to their lapels. Virtue drinks nothing but water from glaciers and the sap of lacebark pine. Ah, Virtue. You’re deep in danger. Of becoming a dull boy. Everyone knows the most fascinating females are hookers with hearts of gold. They smoke their cheroots and sing in their whiskey READ MORE

Erin Hanson

​“I just want people to be happy when they see my paintings” says artist Erin Hanson. In her studio, golden frames surround large panels of dizzying flower fields, jagged red cliffs, rivers trickling over rocky beds, and dense mountain forests. Erin’s art draws inspiration from the great outdoors. Whether she is visiting a new city for a show or touring a national park, she is constantly in search of scenes to paint.

Many of her works are inspired by her experiences rock-climbing and backpacking—she still takes week-long trips once or twice a year for the sheer enjoyment as well as to find more material for her paintings.
​Erin has developed a personal style, called “open impressionism” making oil paint her primary medium because she likes the texture and its resemblance to the great Vincent van Gogh. READ MORE

Robert LaFluer

“In a landscape painting, as an artist, I can show what the beach looks like or inspire others to go somewhere in nature just from looking at my painting. Viewing art is inspiring. It does something to you. It makes you feel like there is something more to be living for in a lot of ways that’s not so controlled by the media or the constraints of working a job, having to own a bunch of things and drive cars—all that stress that we have to deal with.” READ MORE