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Behind the Cloud by Hagop Belian

One of Hagop’s “Aristocrats” paintings is a woman wearing a draping headscarf and an embroidered blouse. Her features are pretty and delicate, with small petal lips and thin brows. But this is not just a depiction of a Middle Eastern woman—a large dragonfly with its wings spread obstructs the view of most of her face. “Metaphysically, the dragonfly represents the breaking of an illusion, and the fact that it’s over her eyes [shows] the breaking of the illusion of the Middle Eastern woman.” READ MORE

The Apartment by Chris Bonno

He wanted a moment from the final sequence of the Apartment where (spoiler alert) Jack Lemmon’s character finally expresses his love for Shirley MacClaine’s character and the only way we know how she feels about him, is by her facial expression as well as how she takes the cards from him. READ MORE

This is a recent piece I did of Steve Martin from the poster for the Jerk, for an old friend. It is a perfect example of the extreme jump from one form of painting to another. On the one hand, the end goal of a detailed likeness (and doing a good job of it) to the freedom of creating shapes and using color without that particular pressure, just the joy of it AND the goal to do a good job of it (still considering the formal issues of the aesthetics of abstracts from what little I know of art history). I’m still informally a student of it. READ MORE

"Eye of Agamatto" by Chris Bonno inspired by Marvel's Dr. Strange

To make the abstract (which is around 24″ x 36″), my rule of thumb is to do my best to make the colors and shapes somehow “fit” organically without giving in to the desire to make the shapes and forms “representational,” I inevitably will see things that resemble objects or familiar images. Some of those I may allow to stay in the final depending on how they work together with the rest of the piece. READ MORE

Moollz at the Peppermint Club

I was at Urban Outfitters on Ventura Boulevard with a friend last spring when I ran into Molly Kirschenbaum. Warm, inviting, redheaded, and smiley, Molly, out shopping with her mom, was just a normal teenaged girl. But not to me.

Molly is a musical artist, known as Moollz. Before that encounter, I would often play her EP, Moon Fruit, because it took me out of the suburbs and to another galaxy with its trademark synth and Molly’s mesmerizing, inviting melodies. READ MORE

Vincent Price by Chris Bonno

Chris Bonno’s development as an artist has paralleled his work as an improviser, actor and comedian. With the art work being ongoing, his career as a performer has consisted of numerous appearances on tv shows and films as well as years featuring as a standing up comedian in clubs in New York, Vegas, Chicago, Austin, Los Angeles and Canada. READ MORE

A pair of Pears by Chris Bonno

Playing with shapes and colors, Bonno chuckles when he explains to Janice Bremec Blum that he loves the “f…k it factor.” Basically, that means going mad in his own world and giving himself permission to be loose. That freeing spirit is found in all of Bonno’s work. “I don’t leave a painting until I believe in it” he says, “until it impresses me.” READ MORE

Amanda Gorman, U.S. Poet Laureate

“We the People” by Amanda Gorman, The U.S. Youth Poet Laureate We the people live in a less than perfect union That accuses the vulnerable and never the top class and race When children are ‘illegal’ and intolerance bans humans I wonder who ‘we the people’ are in the first place ‘We the people’ meant All Lives Matter, but are white lives living a coincidence When if you’re not male or pale you get destroyed for demonstrating dissidence? When the color of his skin gives a killer assumed innocence? But still we will rise up, advocate and activate, with the peoples’ diligence Let’s speak names READ MORE

Rhiannon McGavin, Youth Poet Laureate

Love under or early September (I wrote this right after the election) by Rhiannon McGavin I go to the streets in a summer dress, today, because I’m afraid of a new year with the locked air of a suitcase a cold I may not feel and all I wanted was feeling I wanted a blue jacket that smelled like thyme and you   told me it had been the dearest sleep we talked with open windows, could stare unblinking and see nothing but stars for how many days a helicopter over campus now?   then the museums could be shuddered and swept off we had READ MORE

All ART, All the Time

Each week, we feature a different visual artist, highlighting their work along with a get-to-know-the artist overview. If you are a collector, you will find ART TODAY a portal to discovering emerging artists and new artwork. If you are a novice, you will soon be able to recognize particular styles, strokes, and presentations of art and artists. READ MORE

Zion Vista by Erin Hanson

The bridge over the Virgin River, in Zion National Park, is a popular spot to catch the beautiful red cliffs and winding river. This painting captures all the drama and magnificence of this amazing vista. The oil paint was thickly applied with a brush, the impressionsitic colors melding together to capture the fleeting light of dawn. READ MORE