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Things I Did in College Record Cover front by Rohitash Rao

In 2007 Rohitash Rao’s “Battle of the Album Covers” was a viral hit, getting over a million hits on YouTube and was written up in Entertainment Weekly and Rolling Stone. The “Album Covers” got the attention of many bands and soon Rohitash started directing music videos. He has created several videos that are a mix of live and animation for… READ MORE

Rohitash Rao art exhibit at Google, Venice Beach Art Walk

We met Rohitash Rao the week his exhibition was featured at Google in Venice Beach. Alexandra Dillon, an incredible artist, who has been featured here at TribeLA Magazine, recommended him to our audience. Rohitash is a painter, illustrator, art director, director of commercials, short films and music videos. He is also co-creator, with longtime friend Kathy Hepinstall Parks of UNDERBELLY comics. READ MORE

Linda J. Albertano and brother James AA Stone

Virtue rides into town on a
convertible Clydesdale. She’s wrapped
in blue-and-white
and is eating an apple concoction.
Ah, Virtue! They want
Your symbols
are so succulent! They want to use
for purposes of personal

Virtue drinks nothing but
from glaciers and the sap of lacebark


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