Chris Bonno and Friends

Fabloid LA by Rob Sussman

Fabloid LA This is an old one for LA Weekly. Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. I initially drew them as heralding the apocalypse, but then felt bad, like I and so many others were scapegoating them. More projection, perhaps, but it was really fun to draw. TribeLA Magazine Acrostic Interview with Rob Sussman.6 Special: Who or what holds a special place in your heart? How does this factor into your creative process? My sons have been the center of my life for 20+ years, lighting up my existence and offering great feedback (when they can be bothered). A couple teachers at Otis READ MORE

8 of 55 cards by Rob Sussman

Clockwise from upper left: Emma Goldman, Nina Simone, Walt Whitman, card back, James Baldwin, Marcel Duchamp, Angela Davis, card back, Henry Geldzehler, Margaret Cho. The deck was inspired by famed Greenwich Village jazz and comedy club the Village Gate. Over the course of its 35 year history, the 3-story club hosted everyone from Nina Simone to Noam Chomsky, Richard Pryor to the Velvet Underground. READ MORE

Père Lachaise by Rob Sussman

En Route to Père Lachaise – Interminable pointillist odyssey. I’d returned to LA from three weeks in Asia where, in the ancient city of Luoyang, capital of numerous Chinese dynasties, I had a kind of existential meltdown/breakthrough. All sorts of arbitrary habits and assumptions were thrown into high relief. I was drunk and felt like I was facing death. What Saul Bellow described as the dark backing of a mirror. READ MORE

All Gates Open by Rob Sussman

Though named after a song by Can, I drew this upon hearing David Lynch talk about where great ideas come from. “Trillions and zillions of ideas,” he said, “and they’re all there, waiting to be caught.” I wanted to communicate that sense of abundance — a kind of blossoming, voluptuous life force. Fertility run amok. READ MORE

'black shirt' by Paul Torres owned by Chris Bonno

His portraits have a sensuality to them and he clearly knows how to do a more traditional portrait (that can be stunning to observe) with excellent paint technique, volume, and creative use of color. Mostly, I see the creations, the people, the personalities, the vibe, the time he captures and the core or heart of his subjects. As a spectator, I am “let in” on how Torres’ cares for his work and his subjects. He creates an atmosphere while capturing the heart and attitude of the characters that we see around us but might not closely observe. By Chris Bonno READ MORE

Rebeca by Paul Torres

Coming to the United States for a one-year stay at the age of nine to Mar Vista, CA is when Paul fell in love with the art culture here. After immigrating to the United States permanently at age 18, he served in the U.S. Army, attended Otis Parsons Art Institute forum for two years and in 1998, he received his Bachelor of Fine Art in Illustration from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. READ MORE

William Wray Bradford J. Salamon

An eclectic artist, William Wray appeals to a wide range of tastes, styles, and superheroes. From his iconic Superman that graced the Pink Art Show to forlorn moments shared by “Partners in Crime,” Wray continues to wow us. He pulls on the heart strings of his subjects not just with Sesame street characters or with Tinker Bell, but also in his landscapes… READ MORE

The Giant Floating Tomato by Chris Bonno

The Giant Floating Tomato When Editor-in-chief Janice Bremec Blum asked Chis Bonno what advice he would give to aspiring artists, without flinching, he stated, “Get out of your own way!” He feels that everyone has their own, private and personal relationship with art and it shouldn’t be marred by the critical voices in our head. Borrowing from the title of Danielle Krysa’s Your Inner Critic Is a Big Jerk, Bonno takes it one step further, “Your inner critic is an asshole!” He says poignantly but with a grin. However, he is adamant in his loathe of the phrase, That’s good enough. “It’s bullshit! That’s the critic READ MORE

BonnoArt Super Tomato is Mad at Breakfast

As an Actor and Voice-over talent Chris Bonno moved to LA he earned guest and co-star roles on various sitcoms including “Mad About You”, The Drew Cary Show”, “Married with Children”, “Malcom and Eddie” and “Just Shoot Me”, to name a few. He’s also a working voiceover actor whose credits include 14 or so characters on the hit video game Dying Light”, the games Skate 1 and 2,  the cartoons “Curious George” and  “Mike Lu and Og” and animated ad campaigns for Red Bull and Spike TV. As a film actor, he appeared in the award winning Showtime feature “Charlie Valentine” and is currently a READ MORE