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Rhiannon McGavin, Youth Poet Laureate

Love under or early September (I wrote this right after the election) by Rhiannon McGavin I go to the streets in a summer dress, today, because I’m afraid of a new year with the locked air of a suitcase a cold I may not feel and all I wanted was feeling I wanted a blue jacket that smelled like thyme and you   told me it had been the dearest sleep we talked with open windows, could stare unblinking and see nothing but stars for how many days a helicopter over campus now?   then the museums could be shuddered and swept off we had READ MORE

All ART, All the Time

Each week, we feature a different visual artist, highlighting their work along with a get-to-know-the artist overview. If you are a collector, you will find ART TODAY a portal to discovering emerging artists and new artwork. If you are a novice, you will soon be able to recognize particular styles, strokes, and presentations of art and artists. READ MORE

Mystery novelist Davis MacDonald aka Don Davis

The second book, “The Island,” deals with a dysfunctional town, which Avalon (Catalina Island) is with the various competing interest in it. Disfunction in an economic sense and a cultural sense are the difficulties and conflicts under the surface in this town. Its really a stressed environment because the merchants there make money during the Summer and they starve in the Winter. Its a resort town. So I really get into that in “The Island.”  by Deborah Granger Can life get any better? That’s what I asked myself as I sat aboard the yacht (called The Lady Katherine) of author Davis MacDonald. It’s no wonder READ MORE

Yet to be titled by Creaturo, Jr.

Frankie is proud of his many awards and one in particular is 1st Place out of 1,500 artists at the New York Reform School Artfest in October, 2010. The Reform School Project is a charity dedicated to reforming schools by raising funds to improve education by providing much need needed supplies. READ MORE

Davis MacDonald video

The Bay, released this year, touches on another social issue currently predominate in our world; extremist Muslims who are out to destroy this country, its institutions and people, by active violence, or by stealth. “It’s unfortunate, but those of the Muslim faith who are not extremists are often negatively profiled by the police, the press, their neighbors, and the public, all because of the activities of a handful of Muslims on a destructive path,” says Davis. The Judge presides over this tale of murder which takes place in Newport Beach and California’s famed Orange Coast, tracking a plot aimed at destroying Orange County forever. READ MORE

Vroman's bookstore logo

Vroman’s “AN INDIE BOOKSTORE MOMENT” by B.J. Hegedus I was working on a display table in our Home Emporium section, stacks of new cookbooks, waiting for their place alongside gift merchandise. Figuring it all out is akin to real life Tetrus. While stringing twinkle lights through some very tall branches I’d discovered in our fixture room, a woman walked up to me and asked if I might be able to recommend a new book for her to read. What do you like to read, I asked. Mysteries with strongly defined characters she said. She loved to find authors whom had written numerous books so she READ MORE

Linda Albertano, Arlondriah Lenyea, Heather Rabun, Glenn Rodriguez

Linda Albertano, Arlondriah Lenyea, Heather Rabun, Glenn Rodriguez We caught up with Linda Albertano to get the low-down about DADA, what it means, what it does, how she became a DADAist, and the theme of this year’s new LA-DADA book release (Maintenant11) MAINTENANT 11: A JOURNAL OF CONTEMPORARY DADA WRITING AND ART (Three Rooms Press) offers a compilation of leading Dada-influenced artists from around the world. This year’s theme, “EYE FOR A LIE,” features work that is timely and relevant examining the concept of “fake” everything—questioning the very essence of truth in what some have labeled the “post-truth” era. Watch Albertano’s live performance Saturday, June 10, 2017 READ MORE

Photo collage from Mixed and Remixed Festival

Globalization and multiculturalism is not just foreign policy or trendy fusion restaurants; for a growing number of people, it is in their DNA. Reconciling two cultures can be nearly effortless, but for most it takes years of introspection and struggle to find a balance that works. All mixed relationships and individuals are the sum of its parts, and this collective mixed experience of accepting two cultures, learning to connect these puzzle pieces, and creating a cohesive identity is what binds these individuals together. READ MORE

Władysław Strzemiński, played by Polish superstar Boguslaw Linda with his students

When film publicist Sasha Berman sends something over, we pay close attention to her indie films, which have artistic characteristics different from U.S. films — a certain rawness. They are culturally based, provative, and the subtitles give the film an even more intriguing perspective, as we found it so with her most recent premiere, AFTERIMAGE. Los Angeles Times film critic Robert Abele had this to say:

Andrzej Wajda’s “Afterimage” feels vividly connected to the Polish auteur’s beginnings, yet also acts as the kind of haunting close that sums up a life. READ MORE

Sir Miles Dewey Davis, III was not only one of the greatest jazz musicians that I know, but he was also a renowned visual artist highly regarded for his paintings and drawings. Happy Birthday MILES! The entire Miles Davis Festival experience is one that I will always remember. It not only featured Miles’s nephew Vince Wilburn, Jr. and Barbara Morrison, but also Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Clark Terry, Russell Gun, Phil Perry, Jazz Edge, Young Lions and local talent. It was a 12-hour back-to-back jam session filled with music, poetry, and dance. The city was floating until midnight as Ahmad Jamal worked his magic on the keyboards punctuated with jazzmick and contagious rhythms that Miles Davis would gladly approve, having been a fan of Ahmad’s work. READ MORE

Poet Laurel Ann Bogen

Why would The Reasonable Woman become unreasonable? By: LAUREL ANN BOGEN Photographer: GREG TUCKER Location: Beyond Baroque, Venice CA The Reasonable Woman is a hope chest, a locked cabinet. The Reasonable Woman is pleasant enough. The Reasonable Woman is the converse of sex. The Reasonable Woman is durable good, a sound diagnosis. The Reasonable Woman is a subordinate clause. The Reasonable Woman is childproof, although Heidi is already up to her knee. The Reasonable Woman is a skillet, a war bond. The Reasonable Woman is a fugue heard on the intercom. The Reasonable Woman is a graph of stock options, the percentage of return. The READ MORE

Chris Bonno and Lucy

Playing with shapes and colors, Bonno chuckles when he explains that he loves the “f…k it factor.” Basically, that means going mad in his own world and giving himself permission to be loose. That freeing spirit is found in all of Bonno’s work. “I don’t leave a painting until I believe in it” he says, “until it impresses me.”

When I asked Bonno what advice he would give for aspiring artists, without flinching he stated, “Get out of your own way!” He feels that everyone has their own, private and personal relationship with art and it shouldn’t be marred by the critical voices in our head. READ MORE

Secrets of the Young & Successful

To be successful, we all have to be able to sell ourselves quickly and clearly. Just think: How can other people buy into your vision and what you’re all about if they don’t know what you have to offer in the first place? One of the most remarkable things about the Young and Successful is that they almost always have a story to tell that defines them. When asked what they’re up to, they never utter the useless response, “Uh, nothing much.” READ MORE