Hagop Belian

Faerie by Hagop Belian

Faerie embodies the serenity and wisdom of patience at the same time holding an innovative vision of the world. Her unique and clever sensibility makes her a master navigator, able to move swiftly with the turnings of the tide. She teaches not to judge a book by its cover, because things are not always as they seem. READ MORE

Behind the Cloud by Hagop Belian

One of Hagop’s “Aristocrats” paintings is a woman wearing a draping headscarf and an embroidered blouse. Her features are pretty and delicate, with small petal lips and thin brows. But this is not just a depiction of a Middle Eastern woman—a large dragonfly with its wings spread obstructs the view of most of her face. “Metaphysically, the dragonfly represents the breaking of an illusion, and the fact that it’s over her eyes [shows] the breaking of the illusion of the Middle Eastern woman.” READ MORE