June/July 2017 Artists of the week

TribeLA Magazine presents ART TODAY’s artist of the week

Moon Fruit by Moollz

This was the cover art for my first EP! I put this one in here because I have always felt a very strong connection to the moon, and I think it represents a very strong energy for a lot of my friends, as well. I also have always loved children’s book illustrations, which inspired this cover. Making this was definitely one of those “what if” pieces for me, where I just kind of let my imagination do its thing. What if you peeled open the moon and there was a 14.6 million square mile kiwi inside? READ MORE

Hurricane from the Devastation series by Sandy Bleifer

The Devastation Series – by representing and replicating natural process on static works of art and juxtaposing the artwork with the processes at work in nature, underscores the current environmental crisis. The video shows how the work was inspired by nature and also imbues the artwork (which endures after the moving images on the screen are gone) with the power and magnitude of what has been revealed. READ MORE

A small portion of Stone's Stones by Sandy Bleifer

Since I have been a lifetime student of classical music (piano), which involves an understanding of music composition, it occurred to me that musical compositions are built upon patterns of theme and variation. Since that epiphany, I have structured several works on classical music forms. READ MORE

Graffiti Wall 35 by Sandy Bleifer

Multiple layers of paper were collaged creating two separate structures divided by the chicken wire, which supports the front layer. The many layers of papers and the obliterated graffiti testify to a long history of the wall. Wile the bold graffitii Eric Fisher painted seems to dominate the piece, it has a lot of competition from the wall surfaces. READ MORE

Paper becoming me by Sandy Bleifer

This is one of a series of 15 pieces cast from a plaster of Paris mold of my face in 1985. The series demonstrates the hidden qualities of Hosho, a paper used in Japan for wood block printing, which I discovered is capable of picking up fine detail from the mold when wet, and retaining the form when dry. The rectangular format reminds the viewer of the original sheet of paper and the “paper-ness” of the sculpture. READ MORE

Love, sex, and eye contact by Molly (Moollz) Kirschenbaum

This is my most recent piece. I recently became more open about being queer, and have had a lot of really great conversations with friends about dating and intimacy in the queer community. I also have found that, for myself, my own nervousness and confusion about my sexual orientation, as well as others’ confusion, have fueled some problems in past relationships and in my pursuit of new ones. This piece is meant to kind of represent, from my own personal perspective and experience, the beauty and love of queer connection and intimacy, as well as the difficulty and stress. READ MORE

Elise, reclining by Molly Kirschenbaum

I had some left-over sketches of female forms from workshops past, and again decided to use this one to represent a real person. As the body is only a physical house in which we live, I found that painting a person, for me, comes down to the colors and shapes that resonate with them. So while the body is just a random one, these colors represent a childhood friend of mine whom I love with all my heart! READ MORE