Robert Soffian

Robert Soffian

I cherish my time in the studio by myself just working. That’s the space to experiment and work out the formalistic issues I have been following. Usually I am excited by internal fixations rather than things in the objective world. I love color and movement and playing with figures in action. Also learning new techniques and discovering different ways to use materials is my joint. READ MORE

Illuminated TEXT by Robert Soffian

Illuminated Text also on vellum – a page from a text from a future religion concerns the origin of a race TribeLA Magazine Acrostic Interview.5 When I work, my movements are a kind of dance. I always stand up even if I am painting for 10 hours. Activity keeps me busy. Twisting, bending, reaching, moving the brushes across a surface is rejuvenating. The materials I use mostly are oil, ink, gouache and dye. I am finding new materials to paint on and employ all the time. Recently I have been doing frottage (rubbings with graphite) and combining them with stamps that I make that I use like etchings. Sometimes I have a dozen different media in a piece. I enjoy READ MORE

Excavation by Robert Soffian

Excavation, on vellum An imagined codex full of repeated glyphs in the manner of ancient texts. As I reflect on my life as a painter, I must try to reconstruct what got me here. I think the most obvious stimulus must have been my work as a director and lighting director for countless plays and productions. I have always been attracted to the forms and rhythms of light. And painting with light has perhaps been my secret love for decades. Even though the mixing methods of light and pigment are different, the process of seeing the effect and shape of light connects both media. Then READ MORE

Evolution Comotion by Robert Soffian

Evolution Commotion – oil, dye, stamps on canvas (48″ x 48″) a jaunty island of Dr. Moreau Travel has also been a factor in my life. We were encouraged to get out and experience the world. Often I am amazed at how much freedom my rather conservative parents allowed us. Now, as a father of three adult children, I am shocked how the things I did so confound and alarm even me! I attended the University of Florence as a thirteen year old, worked as an archeologist’s assistant (in Greece) when I was seventeen, as an intern at the London Filmmakers Cooperative in my early twenties, READ MORE

Eros and Psyche by Robert Soffian

Eros and Psyche is on paper from the self-named series depicting the classical myth of the discovery of sexuality. I was lucky to have attended a radical arts ⁄ work camp as a teenager, Lincoln Farm (no longer extant). Here I met and played with the children from the leftist and the Bohemian cadre from Greenwich Village, Woodstock, etc. We built our own cabins, attended art workshops or traveled by cattle-car during our 8-day week to visit practitioners of all media around the Catskills and beyond. These kid’s fathers and mothers had names like Levine, Golub, Borroughs, Miller and many more. This was a place of READ MORE

Chapel Repaired by Robert Soffian

Chapel Repaired is a large work on canvas (60″ x 80″) oil and dye inspired by Giotto’s Arena Chapel, creating faux stained glass using handmade stamped images. Robert Soffian is an emeritus professor of theatre, a director, painter and poet.  He holds an MFA from the University of Virginia (1985) and a BA in Cultural Studies/History from the University of Wisconsin in Madison (1969).  For the almost 30 years he taught at Shasta College in Redding, CA. Robert has directed, designed lights, created mis en scen, and experimented with digital projected scenery for well over 100 plays. As a producer, he ran two theatres: Century READ MORE