​MacDonald prefaces his work as fiction, but freely admits, “These personalities I write about are real people I know. These are the characters I’ve met along the path of this interesting life.” Perhaps you’ll find someone you know, or even yourself in MacDonald’s books.”

Keeping with his California settings, MacDonald has future books in the works that will regale readers with clever mysteries that twist and turn until the beginnings seem to become the ends, all the while exploring timely social issues of our day in twenty-first century California. Davis MacDonald knows mystery, knows the California terrain, and knows how to construct a tale of sizzling plots, red-herrings, and ingenious characters.

And, I have to add, Davis has this magnificent yacht from which to write his tales of mystery and intrigue! A yacht I had the pleasure to visit for this article. Lucky me!

Deborah Granger is Publisher of TribeLA Magazine
Edited by Janice Bremec Blum

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