Happy Birthday TribeLA Magazine!

Our First Artful Year – Happy Birthday TribeLA Magazine!

It was January 2017 when TribeLA Magazine launched. With hard work, determination, and immense gratitude, TribeLA Mag continues to blossom every month. We thank YOU, the artists, authors, musicians, and especially our fellow Los Angeles tribe who made our debut year their favorite go to on-line magazine.

TribeLA Magazine focuses on all the artistic and cultural aspects of Los Angeles with a specific emphasis on the visual arts. This past year, we have featured in-depth interviews with some of Los Angeles’ best artists as well as their brief answers to our infamous TRIBELA Acrostic. The overwhelming success prompted us to begin our weekly Art Today. For seven days, the work of the featured artist is highlighted, allowing our readers to experience the splendor of their talent. Look for our newest installment on January 28, 2018.

TribeLA Magazine also acknowledges our cities great wordsmiths. We were proud to feature articles on our local authors, poets, and poet laureates including the current U.S. youth poet laureate. Our readers got a glimpse into their novels, short stories, memoirs, and poetry as well as profiles on some of Los Angeles’ great independent booksellers. Shop local! Look for editor-in-chief Janice Bremec Blum’s steamy short story in our Valentine’s Day February edition. Wherever you may be, keep your eyes open because love is around the corner!

Our pop-culture aficionada, Natalie Durkin launched her column Sounds and the City. As part of the up and coming Z generation, Natalie began with TribeLA Mag as an intern while attending Bard College. Today, she is the go-to gal in discovering the city’s hottest new bands and vocal artists who are reinventing music with their fresh take on style and performance.

NY Times bestselling author and designer Emily Henderson graced our pages in the Lifestyles section. Specializing in home design, Emily knows the tricks of the trade and shares them with our readers.

The bottom line is simple. Artists in all genres make our days more colorful, lyrical, literal, and especially creative. TribeLA Magazine pay’s homage to those individuals and our aim is to inspire future artists. We would like to give a special nod to our contributors: Frank Creaturo, Jr., Chris Bonno, Joe Rocco, Sandy Bleifer, William Wray, Erin Hanson, Hagop Belian, Moollz, Harold Cleworth, Synthia Saint James, Leo Garcio, Greg Tucker, Aline Smithson, Karim Saafir, Rich Dewhirst, Bernadette Murphy, Davis MacDonald, Luis Rodriguez, and all the artists who participated in the Pink Pop-up Exhibit.

2017 put TribeLA Magazine on the map. Publisher and founder Deborah Granger extends heartfelt appreciation to the Team: Janice Bremec Blum, Francine Yang, Ana Suárez, Natalie Durkin, Andre Hardy,  Miriam Gonzalez-Poe, Arianna Takis, Miranda D Moraes, Hatti Xu, Carlyn Barker, Linda Albertano, and Frank Lutz. Everyone has played an instrumental part in shaping TribeLA Magazine.

2018 will be even more provocative, stimulating, and informative as we introduce mixed media; including the print publication. Look for:

  • New Art
  • Art on Walls
  • Literary Lounge (new authors, books, poetry, Off the Page) introduces the TribeLA Magazine bestseller list (What L.A. is buying?)
  • Music Studio (Sounds and the City, artist interviews, and the Evolution of Jazz)
  • Lifestyles (more Lifestyle articles related to Art, Design, & Fashion)
  • Sports
  • FWS (Food, Wine, and Spirits with L.A.’s Chef authors and wine & spirits Aficionado’s and Aficionada’s)
  • The Roundtable
  • The Guides
  • Time.ly Calendar

TribeLA Magazine thanks you for making our first year memorable!

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