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We are launching TribeLA Music to give up-and-coming and established artists a platform to project their creative voices in addition to their musical talent.

This summer, TribeLA Magazine contributor Natalie Durkin will serve up music and music groups in L.A. as program director to “Song of the Week.”

The Los Angeles music scene is just as diverse as the many cultures that make up our city. How do we discover some of L.A.’s own local talent? Check out TribeLA Music each week, that’s how. Natalie Durkin will uncover some of the brightest stars in our city, both established and emerging. Catch a podcast, or a video, and meet the musicians who are making music in L.A.

Natalie Durkin
Photo by Lisa Durkin

Coming in July, exclusive interviews with The Regrettes and Moollymooliz by Natalie Durkin. Email Natalie at: durkin@tribelamagazine.com