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Sounds and the City 09.22.2017 “True Blue”

“I can hear the waves / I can see the sky / I can smell the air / but I can’t see the light”

Set to a whimsical, childlike, easygoing melody, Parker Rose’s “True Blue” lyrics are anything but light. The track tackles relationships and making peace with heartbreak. Through shots of the LACMA lampposts, a colorful grocery store, and Los Angeles’ nightly glitz and glimmer, Parker Rose tells a tale of finding your way and finding your light; it gets better.

“This song is a perfect summation of my feelings drawn from relationships I’ve had with people over the years. I went through many long years of pain and anguish but as a result, the song came together very quickly. In order for me to move on in my life, this was a song that had to be written. I wrote this song while taking one of my nightly strolls through Silver Lake and losing myself in the night sky.”

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