What is ART?

Evolution Comotion by Robert Soffian

Blotches of color that find their way into our soul

[hoot_dropcap]TribeLA Magazine takes pride in our local artists[/hoot_dropcap]. To honor them, we have created: ART TODAY, a daily feature that gives our readers an opportunity to meet and interact with the finest visual artists in Los Angeles. Journey with us while we explore their work and laud their talent. And, on occasion, we’ll take a trip outside the city walls to visit guest artists from other cities and countries.

ART is a fascinating sensation… not a science. Writer Matthew Hutson, author of “The 7 Laws of Magical Thinking” (Penguin Publishing Group) describes Art in (7) parameters from a scientific point of view. In summary, he says…

  • First, identify the splotches you are viewing as actual art.
  • Describing the art sways enjoyment of the art: ambiguity seems to enhance intrigue.
  • Backstory plays a big part, the more eccentric the artists, the more he is liked.
  • For abstract art, giving it a clearly descriptive title attributes meaning to the piece.
  • Seeing art over and over, deemed as “good” art by critiques increases our affinity for it.
  • Did you know that the orientation of the art (landscape or portrait) doesn’t seem to matter when asked “which way is up?”
  • Finally, which we found the most interesting scientific study, viewers with high taste-bud density will usually have a dis-like of disturbing or provocative art.

Source: The Atlantic, July/August 2014

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