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ARTISTS who inspire!

Wordsmiths who evoke powerful images in our minds

Charles Bibbs’ Art is an Extraordinary Display of African American Women

  • Charles Bibbs

    Charles Bibbs at Work – Find out what Fires him up in his Acrostic Interview!

  • The Keeper by Charles Bibbs

    ART TODAY 042018 The Keeper by Charles Bibbs – For us to move forward, we must know our history

  • Purple Umbrella by Charles Bibbs

    ART TODAY 041918 Purple Umbrella by Charles Bibbs – creator of the Black Madonna in the movie, “The Secret Life of Bees”

  • Yellow Umbrella by Charles Bibbs

    ART TODAY 041818 Yellow Umbrella by Charles Bibbs + A 2-minute podcast on the business of Art…

  • Red Umbrella by Charles Bibbs

    ART TODAY 041718 Red Umbrella + “Art is a symbol of your Awareness” The Charles Bibbs podcast-part 2 with Jewel Diamond Taylor

  • Blue Diva by Charles Bibbs

    ART TODAY 041618 Charles Bibbs tells stories with his art that mirrors the African American experience + a 2-minute podcast on success vs. fame

  • Patterns of Life II, by Charles Bibbs

    ART TODAY 041518 Charles Bibbs is in the House! As Artist of the Week + a short video with Synthia SAINT JAMES

The hyper creative works of Rohitash Rao

The genius of Brett Gilbert

Musicians who put music into our hearts

A Sounds and the City Exclusive Interview

Linda J. Albertano and Prince Diabate

Linda J. Albertano expounds about trips to West Africa, and playing the kora with Prince Diabate

I first saw Prince Diabate perform at an event for the Dalai Lama’s citywide World Festival of Sacred Music held in LA in 1999. I was mesmerized. I was flattened by the cascades and crescendos of celestial sound that flowed from his exuberant kora (West African harp). It sounded like angel tears bursting into fireworks of joy!  

The Vote is in: William Wray is TribeLA Magazine’s Artist to Watch in 2018

William Wray Bradford J. Salamon

And the winner is…WILLIAM WRAY: TribeLA Magazine has named William Wray the “Artist to Watch” for 2018! 

An eclectic artist, William Wray appeals to a wide range of tastes, styles, and superheroes. From his iconic Superman that graced the Pink Art Show to forlorn moments shared by “Partners in Crime,” Wray continues to wow us. He pulls on the heart strings of his subjects not just with Sesame street characters or with Tinker Bell, but also in his landscapes…

The Break up by William Wray

New Year ART REVIEW of “The Breakup” by Super Hero William Wray – watch the artist paint

What is the best advice you can give? Expect repeated short-term failure in your career. Think about your long-term goals. Don’t have children if art is the most important thing in your life, unless you are wealthy.

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One of the goals of TribeLA Magazine is to bring more ART into our lives, our homes, and our workplaces. Research has proven that art improves creativity, productivity, and even helps the healing process.


ART TODAY is an opportunity to interact with some of the finest artists in L.A., and around the world. Each week, we feature a different artist, highlighting their work along with a get-to-know-the-artist overview.

We are launching TribeLA Music to give up-and-coming and established artists a platform to project their creative voices in addition to their musical talent.

This summer, TribeLA Magazine contributor Natalie Durkin’s song of the week will help us uncover some of the brightest stars in our city, both established and emerging. Catch a podcast, new music, and meet the musicians right here at TribeLA Magazine.

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