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Happy Holidays!

We hope you enjoy the art show from a few of L.A.’s extraordinary visual Artists (in BETA Version).

The Break up by William Wray

The Break up by William Wray

Walrus Woman by Hagop Belian

Popular Venice Artist reflects on muslim woman and masks...



Chris Bonno is whimsical in art and performance

David Lynch by Chris Bonno

River Rock Series by Sandy Bleifer

River Rock Series by Sandy Bleifer - Sandy Bleifer is showing off

Three Cars by Harold Cleworth

Three Cars by Harold Cleworth


LOVE+WAR BY JIN KIM our very own

Patterns of Life II, by Charles Bibbs

Patterns of Life II, by Charles Bibbs

Alexandra Dillon

Palimpsest brushes by Alexandra Dillon

All Gates Open by Rob Sussman

All Gates Open by Rob Sussman


Between the Worlds 

Paul Torres

Norma Jean aka Marilyn Monroe by Paul Torres

William Wray: The Artist we Watched

Earlier this year, we selected William Wray as an “Artist to Watch.” His sensitivities extended throughout his art from Super heroes to the PINK Exhibit at Castelli’s. There are many questions when you dive into Wray’s art world. He goes into multidimensional spaces where a mixture of ideas and opinions coexist. We will come full circle with William Wray to wrap up 2018 and ask how his 2019 is looking.

Coming ...


The Peter Frank interview with Janice Bremec Blum

The Peter Frank interview created a mystery around Peter Frank. Who is Peter Frank? If you immerse in the world of Art, you know the name well. If you are not and would like to be, then you will get to know Peter, soon. Click below to sign up for updates.

The PAPER SERIES: New Art Book releases coming soon

Sandy Bleifer uses paper and figurative imagery to evoke social and political issues. Her work engages the audience via interactions with freestanding and wall hung sculptural installations. Her intention has been to bring about far-reaching social change by further involving the viewer/participant through adjunct programming and contemplation of the artwork. Using photographic documentation, she traversed the world of urban redevelopment to preserve neighborhoods and architectural features of historical and cultural significance.

The artist takes on topics such as the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Holocaust, mass migration, the Dakota Access Pipeline, the Trump era and the revitalization of historic buildings and neighborhoods in Los Angeles. 

“When I was 45 years old, I was in an car accident on the freeway, the same age my mother was when she died in an automobile accident. A profound wake-up call about my own mortality, it prompted me to capture my physical essence. Using plaster molds of my face and parts of my body, I then formed paper sculptures depicting different aspects of my persona.” 

Sandy Bleifer uses the folding screen as an architectural element in a room, as a pictorial device that provides a linear presentation of a subject through time, various lighting conditions and vistas and as a way to visually express shifts of thematic material in music compositions. Like the scroll, the folding screen format turns the simultaneous experience of viewing a painting into a process of revelation.

Sounds and the City

Natalie Durkin's SOUNDS AND THE CITY returns to explore a range of contemporary, classical, and jazz music while we also add recommendations from featured artists and authors. 


A Greg Tucker Photo

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Popular Authors

Bernadette Murphy, author of “Harley & Me” wrote a memoir about overcoming fear and learning to drive a Harley, and then drove cross country. Davis MacDonald writes a series of mystery novels based in Southern California about a social conscious Judge and his Golden Retriever. Luis Rodriguez, L.A.’s former poet laureate, has written several books from gang prevention to poetry. Explore the links below to discover their worlds.

Bernadette Murphy

Davis MacDonald

Luis Rodriquez

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