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Prepare for the upcoming release of “On the Life of Linda J. Albertano” from Trauma to High Art: a collection of romantic stories, poems, and provocative prose with Frank Lutz. After years of development, the book will release on Linda’s birthday, April 17, 2024.

On the Life of Linda J. Albertano book

Critical Acclaim for Linda J. Albertano


Foreword by Suzanne Lummis
After we’ve noted that Linda J. Albertano thrived in Los Angeles as a force of nature and fount of mischievous intelligence and performative creations; after we’ve remarked upon the ways she seemed always larger than life, as well as––at 6’4” –– taller than most; after we’ve marveled at her triumphant career in the edgiest art despite being silenced, abused and exploited in Evangelical and Fundamentalist Christian foster homes during much of her youth…

We must not omit this. She was funny….


Laurel Ann Bogen, (Founding Member of Nearly Fatal Women, poet, and author)

S.A. Griffin, poet, actor and Dadaist Supreme

Quentin Ring, Director, Beyond Baroque 

Prince Diabate, Kora Master Guinea, West Africa.  (Translated from the French by Frank Lutz.) 

Anna Homler, poet and performance artist

Taj Mahal, great Blues Artist

Peter Carlaftes and Kat Georges, leaders in the DaDa art movement 

Adam Leipzig, producer, director, stage, and performance art productions

Pre-release book and Poetry Fellowship Celebration

Beyond Baroque, Venice CA
Saturday, April 13, 2024

Linda J. Albertano Fellowship
Linda J. Albertano photographed by Aldo Mauro

Photographer Aldo Mauro

Frank Lutz and Linda J. Albertano

The Love Ache
by Frank Lutz


I can’t take her anywhere anymore.
Not out to eat
at her favorite places, nor to the movies,

nor to the opera,
nor on short trips
like to Santa Barbara,
nor to New York City;
nor to Europe,
nor to Africa,
nor back to Rome ‘
so I can finish
my Vatican project.
I can’t even hold her hand anymore. Before Covid hit
three years ago
we were planning Rome.
Then that plague
infected the world.
But as the world-wide infection
was subsiding,
in April of this year 2022
Linda discovered a lump
in her tummy.
Off to the doctors
and the limits they gave her,
no surgery, no radiation,
only chemotherapy.
And so – she elected not
to suffer incapacitated

Excerpt from “On the Life of Linda J. Albertano”


Life in L.A.


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