ART TODAY 040318 Brett Gilbert’s “Third Eye Elephant” illustrates mastery, and a deep understanding of enlightenment through humor… Ommmm

by | Apr 3, 2018 | Art, Art Today, Comics

The “Third Eye Elephant” pen and ink painted in photoshop. A mystical inter-dimensional being that visited only briefly to bring enlightenment. Some believe it was the one who embedded the evolutionary gene of intelligence to the monsters.

TribeLA Magazine: Energy: What fires you up?
Brett: New seasons of Game of Thrones or Rick and Morty. Also, when I get a rock band client ask me to design a poster for them, I ask what do they want and they simply say, “just make it look cool.” When they love your portfolio enough and they trust you to do anything, that fires my creativity to Jupiter.

TribeLA Mag: Los Angeles: Where is your favorite place in Los Angeles? Where would you take visitors? If you could defend the city in one sentence to someone who doubts it, what would you say?
Brett: The Getty is where I take all my friends and family that visit. They have a great collection of Monets and Van Goghs. The garden area is beautiful as well. Pinks hot dog is overrated – news flash it’s JUST a hot dog. To defend LA in one sentence: This is where Kermit the Frog made his epic journey to the Muppet Movie to build an empire of entertaining the world!

TribeLA Mag: Advice: What is the best advice you’ve received? What is the best advice you can give?
Brett: To beginning artists: draw everyday. Every. Day. Drain mountains of Bic pens. Work every pencil to the eraser. To aspiring comedians: get on stage every night. Every. Night. Find and open mic somewhere or start one.

Brett’s life as an artist began as a Stand-Up Comic. You may have seen some of his appearances on shows such as The CatchHouse, and Bones. In the movie Ghost World, he shared a scene with Scarlett Johansson that he is most proud of. Spending three seasons as Ladislof on the Comedy Central show Primetime Glick, he is also in over 30 commercials, including a Super Bowl Pepsi spot with Britney Spears.

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