ART TODAY 040218 Brett Gilbert’s talent is uncontainable with no boundaries – Happy April Fools Day!

by | Apr 2, 2018 | Art, Art Today

“Vacuum Mishap” A photo manipulation mentioned in the Q&A below

Brett Gilbert does the TribeLA Magazine Acrostic Interview and it starts today!

TribeLA Magazine: Give yourself and your work a Tagline.
Brett: I’m a Comedian, Actor, turned Artist, and Father.

TribeLA Magazine: How do you spend your time off when Resting and relaxing?
Brett: Sketching. Always sketching. Drawing ideas. Inking. Colorizing. A vacation for me is going to a coffee shop and drawing for 6 hours.

TribeLA Magazine: How do you hope to Influence and affect your audience?
Brett: A love for art. I hope it inspires those who have always been wanting to start painting or creating to actually pick up the brush and paint that first stroke. I’m always messaging my fellow artists to jump start their day with my trademark text “MAKE EPIC ART!!!!!”

TribeLA Magazine: How would you describe your Aura – energy, style, etc.?
Brett: My latest series “Monsters, Flowers, and Mushrooms” is a psychedelic energetic style (or movement) that is definitely Lowbrow Pop Surrealist.  I enjoy making people laugh with my work too. My photo manipulations are purely for comedy. I also have a bit of a dark sense of humor. My “Teddy Bear and Bunny” series is a shining example of that. Since becoming a father, I’ve developed a love for puns with my T-shirt designs.

We will continue this conversation with Brett throughout the week. Meanwhile, check out his website at: