Highlights from past Art Shows

with Janice Bremec Blum and Carmen Bordas


The Birth of the Niemand consists of monumental large sculptures. They represent a whole range of negative emotions that people try to hide in their lives, such as maliciousness, inferiority complex, and unhealthy self confidence. His work and overall approach to art is rather untypical, but at the same time they reflect the situation in society and culture.
Artist, Viktor Freso creates sophisticated concepts and projects presenting them as seemingly simple closed “Pieces of Art.” His is often critical in his works and aggressively expresses his contempt of the art scene itself and its processes buy with a light, humorous and playful undertone.  Courtesy, LA Art Show 2020.

Flying Swan Palace by Du Kun ... Mizuma Art Gallery, New York, Tokyo, Singapore.

The Flying Swam Palace is a unique piece from the “Sights of the Mount Sumeru” series, through which Du Kun portrays his imagination of the modern gods of music… Amazing! Note the waterfall. Courtesy of LA Art Show

Eye Wide by Darius Steward.

A figurative watercolor painter, Steward is a native of East Cleveland, OH. Growing up in a rough neighborhood, he learned the power of images and laments that life had little shock value left. He began exploring his voice and addressing social based issues and the impact of popular culture and the media. For more info on Darius, go to https://dariussteward.com.



25th ANNIVERSARYrsary of

LA Art Show has established a tradition of presenting a vast range of art showing a range of styles, media, disciplines and periods from all over the world. Journey with me on this quick tour and before the pandemic began and what to expect in 2021. Janice Bremec Blum, Editor-in-Chief

One week later, FRIEZE came to LA.

Guest editor Carmen Bordas expounds on her FRIEZE LA 2020 journey with our team... "I was immersed in a total new experience."
I'm Carmen Bordas, here to give you a photographic journey through FREIZE LA 2020
First of all, FRIEZE LA - 2020 was an amazing experience. It is a multidimensional art space where art galleries around the world serve up a variety of thoughts and ideas coexisting together.


First of all, FRIEZE LA takes place at Paramount Pictures Studios, the historic studio lot located right her in Hollywood. It largely focuses on contemporary art and celebrates the exceptionally dynamic culture of LA and its global contributions to the visual arts. 

The full program at Frieze Los Angeles brings together around 70 of the most significant and forward-thinking galleries from across the city and around the world. The fair experience happenings take place across the city.

Carmen Bordas talking art with dealer at FRIEZE LA 2020

Janice Bremec Blum

Janice Bremec Blum is Editor at Tribela Magazine. She is a multi talented make-up artist with an MFA in Creative Writing. Janice, a fiction Romance comedy writer lives with her husband Hunter in Los Angeles and they are both art collectors. You can email Janice at [email protected].

Carmen Bordas

The LA edition of this much-celebrated art fair features new commissions and landmark works exploring themes of representation, identity and myth. Artists presenting new works include: Will Boone, Tania Candiani, Sayre Gomez, Channing Hansen