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LITERARY LOUNGE: The book is back! 

TribeLA is proud to showcase some of the greatest writers in Los Angeles and beyond. Join us in acknowledging the creative written word in our LITERARY LOUNGE.

We recognize that books, stories, and poetry can be thought provoking and life changing and we celebrate that art. Meet bestselling authors as well as new, emerging voices in all genres. Need help finding a special read?  Los Angeles is filled with independent booksellers ready to be your concierge into the literary world. We will highlight staff picks, author and artist picks, along with book club and bookseller highlights and recommendations.

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L.A. Authors & Poets

Dr. James (Jim) A. Stone

Three thought-provoking poems by Jim Stone on Montana, Love, Cowboys, Tequila, and the Tango

Jim Stone is a poet and professor. He has been a cowboy, marine, carpenter and rodeo bronc-rider. Graduating summa cum laude in Social Justice from the University of Washington, he accepted a professorship in sociology at Jamestown University in Jamestown, North Dakota.
Marc Sotkin

Another short story from TribeLA Magazine: Marc Sotkin gives his funny take on the “Eye Contact”

Editor’s note: Marc Sotkin is one of the funniest guys I know! He is writer and producer of more than 350 episodes of various situation comedies, including
Derek Sivers

ASK DEREK: CDBaby founder Derek Sivers reviews & summarizes the best career books for musicians, authors, and artists

Editor's note: Derek Sivers is an awesome book reviewer. Here are some of our favorite books summarized by him that will help you achieve your goals for 2018. Derek has been a musician, producer, circus performer, entrepreneur, TED speaker, and book publisher, but his biggest fascination is the usable psychology of self-improvement for business, philosophy, and culture.
Photo by Arlene Mejorado

Luis Rodriguez’s Post Laureate updates: Vroman’s, KCET, FX-TV’s Snowfall, Tia Chucha Press, a new book + more

Pasadena’s Vroman’s Bookstore “Walk of Fame” dedication to Luis Rodriguez by Luis J. Rodriguez In two years, I spoke or read poetry to an estimated
Bernadette Murphy and Izzy take a break

Feature: Bernadette Murphy – From Knitting to Motorcycles, it’s all about risk says this Antioch University Professor

By deborah granger Feature photo by Adrienne Helitzer/Still productions Author Bernadette Murphy is not only a master of words, having written several well-regarded books, but in
Amanda Gorman, US Poet Laureate

United States Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman is an auspicious, Artistic Angeleno

by Natalie Durkin “It’s fantastic to be a poet in L.A., and to be an Angeleno.” That’s right, our country’s chosen wordsmith is one of
Andre Hardy, former NFL player

February’s Read: A Negro and a Hot-Tub, short story by former NFL pro-player and emerging novelist Andre Hardy, Sr.

Propaganda, yes, but still, I sometimes get confused. For instance, whenever I wear hoodies, I find myself suspicious of my right hand, wondering if it might steal the money from my left pocket. With that in mind, who knew what stereotype would be triggered if Tiny Hands started using foul-mouthed locker room talk?
Amanda Gorman, U.S. Poet Laureate

We the Young People: Reflecting on Our Nation’s Birthday with Amanda Gorman, United States Youth Poet Laureate

“We the People” by Amanda Gorman, The U.S. Youth Poet Laureate We the people live in a less than perfect union That accuses the vulnerable
2017 Youth Poet Laureate

We the Young People: Reflecting on Our Nation’s Birthday with Mila Cuda, Los Angeles 2017 Youth Poet Laureate

My country’s doormat reads: SORRY, NO VACANCIES Cheap apology. I want it to read: YOU'RE WELCOME HERE, DO COME IN Make yourself at home.
Rhiannon McGavin, Youth Poet Laureate

We the Young People: Reflecting on Our Nation’s Birthday with Rhiannon McGavin, 2016 Los Angeles Youth Poet Laureate

Love under or early September (I wrote this right after the election) by Rhiannon McGavin I go to the streets in a summer dress, today,
Katherine Davis

Poetry: The Best Dad by Katherine Davis

I've accomplished a lot Because you've been by my side And you've helped me see life As this one crazy ride
Mystery novelist Davis MacDonald aka Don Davis

Exclusive Father’s Day Interview: Davis MacDonald introduces The Judge and tells us why he writes mysteries around social issues relevant today

The second book, “The Island,” deals with a dysfunctional town, which Avalon (Catalina Island) is with the various competing interest in it. Disfunction in an
Poet Laurel Ann Bogen

Happy Mother’s Day! to The Reasonable Woman by poet Laurel Ann Bogen

Why would The Reasonable Woman become unreasonable? By: LAUREL ANN BOGEN Photographer: GREG TUCKER Location: Beyond Baroque, Venice CA The Reasonable Woman is a hope
Linda J. Albertano

Day 12: Poetry – Virtue by Linda J. Albertano

VIRTUE by Linda J. Albertano Photographed by Alexis Rhone Fancher Virtue rides into town on a convertible Clydesdale. She’s wrapped in blue-and-white stars and is

L.A. Booksellers

The Ripped Bodice team, Los Angeles

The Ripped Bodice: Why Bea and Leah over Amazon, “WE’RE HUMAN!” – Part 2

When I asked them what their favorite traits are in a romantic hero, Bea gave me a brief tutorial. “Heroes are generally split up into two categories; alpha and beta. Alpha is the classic strong hero, whereas the beta is more sensitive.
Ripped Bodice

Exposing the World of Romance at America’s ONLY all romance bookstore right here in LA – The Ripped Bodice, Part 1

Located in Culver City, when I walked into their shop I was immediately transported into the world of romance. The bright, airy, frilly, ballerina pink store is furnished with Victorian-like settees and romance books.


Derek Sivers "people per week"

Musicians: Seven Chapters from (CD Baby founder) Derek Sivers new book, “The Mindset of Marketing Your Music”

I was a struggling musician, with big ambitions but not much success, when I went to a music industry conference in Las Vegas to promote my music. I was nervously doing everything I could to make connections with the executives at all the big music companies. I would attend every panel of experts, taking notes on everyone’s name, and going up to the stage afterwards to introduce myself and get their contact info.
Smitten for Mr. Write by Janice Bremec Blum

FALLING IN LOVE: You never know who you might READ! A charming ROMANCE story from Editor in Chief Janice Bremec Blum – Happy Valentine’s Day! from TribeLA Magazine

In my hand are a dozen helium balloons clunking me on the head and a peach cobbler is teetering in the crux of my arm. I’m struggling to get the key in the front door of my bookstore, The Book Bin. The balloons will decorate the outside sandwich board announcing today’s book signing event. Barton Wallace, the number one male author in the romance genre will be here to autograph his latest book, My Woman. I’ve been a fan of Barton ever since his first book, Together, We, hit the New York Times best seller list. I’ve read...
The Wandering Song, Tia Chuca Press

“The Wandering Song” Central American Writing in the United States, prelude by Leticia Hernández-Linares

The Wandering Song: Central American Writing in the United States, Tia Chucha Press, 2017 (Northwestern University Press distributor) Prelude by Leticia
Aline Smithson Self & Others Cover


Created over an almost 20-year span and drawing from 18 bodies of work, this is the first published monograph of Aline Smithson’s work and features her defining series Arrangement in Green and Black: Portrait of the Photographer’s Mother. From black-and-white to hand-painted photographs, this collection of portraits combines humor and family to create a universal expression of motherhood, to capture the essence of childhood, and to examine created realities, the poignancy of childhood, and the pathos of aging and relationships.
Harley and Me by Bernadette Murphy

You ask? We provide: An Excerpt from “Harley and Me” by Bernadette Murphy

Harley and Me: Embracing Risk on the Road to a More Authentic Life By Bernadette Murphy Prologue (Previously published May
Artfulllife by Harold Cleworth

ART TODAY 09.17.17: Automobile aficionados, “The painter laureate of the car,” Harold Cleworth, is parked in Venice

“Blessed The Lowered” Harold Cleworth Design Studio Press Hardcover, 168 pages (11×11 inches) Harold Cleworth CLEWORTH: an ARTFULLlife is the
Borrowed Bones by Luis Rodriguez

Hispanic Heritage Month ushers in the new cultural literati of the 21st century, starting with post-Laureate Luis Rodriguez

People’s Sonnet #1 by Luis Rodriguez A shadow hangs where my country should glow. Despite glories shaped as skyscrapers or
What would happen? Joe Rocco, Illustrator

ART TODAY 08.28.17: Back to School? Amazing children’s books illustrated by Los Angeleno Joe Rocco for National Geo Kids and Harper/Collins Publishers

"I moved to Los Angeles from Brooklyn more than a decade ago to pitch animated projects and be close to the Entertainment community to work in that world more."
The Hill by Davis MacDonald

Part 2 of Canine interview: Buoy’s exclusive with Miss Annie and book excerpt from the Davis MacDonald mystery novel “The Hill”

Miss Annie: Sometimes the Judge does get quite morose. It’s something to do with his Welsh roots. I find it useful to come and sit on his foot. This way it’s difficult for him to ignore me, and he can’t really get up and walk away. He usually gives in and starts to stroke my head. That’s when I know I’ve got him.
Harley and Me paperback bookcover

Bestselling author Bernadette Murphy re-discovered herself in mid-life by facing her fears with Orgasmic benefits in the Bestselling book HARLEY and ME

Murphy wrote a book that is riveting, intimate, and a fun read. Learning about our four brain chemicals that determine our personality traits is interesting however, I found Murphy’s personal experience even more intriguing. Not every woman is going to embrace mid-life on a Harley, but living vicariously through Murphy’s travels gives us insight into what it means to embrace mid-life rather than complain about it. Her story and her book is compelling. What a joy it was to spend an afternoon in my easy chair riding on a bike with Bernadette Murphy.
Book is Back

Hot Summer Reading list from Vroman’s, Book Soup, and TribeLA Magazine

It's Summer Reading time! Join TribeLA Magazine, Vroman's and Book Soup... Support your local booksellers.
The Bay by Davis MacDonald

Davis MacDonald’s excerpt from novel “THE BAY” for Father’s Day. Meet the Judge!

He’d brought his favorite toy car down to drive on their working vacation. The Jag was a convertible, racing green, 1969, vintage. His tried and true toy since he bought it from the original owner back in 1989. He loved the car. Except for the Lucas electrical system, which he overlooked, the way a proud parent overlooks a club foot…. There had been a day when he’d felt swashbuckling in the car. Younger and slimmer then. It was hard to remember back. He had only faded shadows of memories of what it’d been like. Realistically the Judge had always been too tall for the car. And now he was too old and too fat as well. The convertible top was already down, by necessity. He unsnapped the tonneau over its cockpit on the driver’s side, then knelt down, squeezing his bulk in and under the wooden steering wheel, struggling with a two piece seat belt that both went around his waist and came down over his shoulder, a new innovation back in the day.
Davis MacDonald video

View the book trailer of author Davis MacDonald here: He knows mystery, knows the California terrain, and knows how to construct a tale of sizzling plots, red-herrings, and ingenious character

The Bay, released this year, touches on another social issue currently predominate in our world; extremist Muslims who are out to destroy this country, its institutions and people, by active violence, or by stealth. “It’s unfortunate, but those of the Muslim faith who are not extremists are often negatively profiled by the police, the press, their neighbors, and the public, all because of the activities of a handful of Muslims on a destructive path,” says Davis. The Judge presides over this tale of murder which takes place in Newport Beach and California’s famed Orange Coast, tracking a plot aimed at destroying Orange County forever.
Linda Albertano, Arlondriah Lenyea, Heather Rabun, Glenn Rodriguez

Three Rooms Press and Beyond Baroque Present LA DADA: Performance and new book release with Linda J. Albertano, S.A. Griffin and more…

Linda Albertano, Arlondriah Lenyea, Heather Rabun, Glenn Rodriguez We caught up with Linda Albertano to get the low-down about DADA,
Poet Laurel Ann Bogen

Happy Mother’s Day! to The Reasonable Woman by poet Laurel Ann Bogen

Why would The Reasonable Woman become unreasonable? By: LAUREL ANN BOGEN Photographer: GREG TUCKER Location: Beyond Baroque, Venice CA The
Secrets of the Young & Successful

What’s your Story? Career TIPS from Jennifer Kushell at (Your Success Network)

To be successful, we all have to be able to sell ourselves quickly and clearly. Just think: How can other people buy into your vision and what you're all about if they don't know what you have to offer in the first place? One of the most remarkable things about the Young and Successful is that they almost always have a story to tell that defines them. When asked what they're up to, they never utter the useless response, "Uh, nothing much."