The Bikini Chef (Susan Irby) ushers in a new era of Food, Wine, and Spirits (FWS)

THE NEW AGE OF (FWS) ushers in a new era for Food, Wine, and Spirits. Yes there is a ‘new age’ of Food, Wine & Spirits movement going on, making us more mindful and health conscious in both food and drink. We highlight cultural restaurants, chefs, and food trends, wine education, vineyard news, tastings, food pairing, and the new mixology of spirits.

The Bikini Chef by Susan Irby


For this section, we are bringing together a unique compilation of topics served up to intrigue, educate, and satisfy your taste buds from food-that-heals to cocktails that leave you feeling laid back and not laid out.

Award-winning television & radio talk show host and author Susan Irby, aka The Bikini Chef™ is bringing a new food-age experience to TribeLA magazine for our readers to digest. We have a group of exciting guest appearances scheduled to educate and motivate us on the new age of food, wine, and spirits movement.

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