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photo by Christina Boemio

Kyan Palmer’s thesis project, “Burn Mona Lisa”, is where he got his start. That, and, working in the shadows of the industry. The Los Angeles-based songwriter is responsible for crafting tunes for powerhouses like Little Mix and the people working to bring tracks to Sabrina Claudio and Britney Spears. Now, we’re hearing from Palmer directly.


Natalie Durkin (TribeLA Magazine): Give yourself and your work a tagline and tell us why.

Kyan Palmer: Salad and vodka fuels the creative soul. Why? because it’s the truth.


ND: What got you started in music? What is the reason you are here today?

KP: I’ve always had a passion for music, but I first got involved behind the scenes of the industry while I was still in college and I got job working as a marketing rep for a major record label. I also got into the creative side when I was in college and decided to create and market a song for my thesis project. From there, I moved to New York where I took a full-time job at a record label. While I was working in New York, my thesis project song “Burn Mona Lisa” started gaining traction and that’s how it all started.


ND: How do you hope to influence your audience?

KP: I just hope to continue to make music people like while still pushing boundaries and staying true to myself. I believe that as long as I create a genuine product, my audience will stay captivated.


ND: What do you do when your creativity is blocked?

KP: I just take a break. Sometimes the answer is just to step away and it’ll come back to me. It’s hard for me to be creative if I’m stressed or thinking about a million different things. Taking a day or two to regroup is the best medicine.


ND: What fires you up and gives you energy?

KP: Creating something new that I love. Hearing a new sound that is memorable. Drinking coffee.


ND: Can you tell us a little known fact?

KP: I grew up playing golf and I was #1 in Arizona in high school.


ND: Where is your favorite place in Los Angeles and why?

KP: My bed. I don’t get to hang out there enough.


ND: How do you make music? Briefly chronicle your creative process.

KP: I usually walk in knowing what I want to write about. Then I’ll work with a producer to get a track going that fits the mood of the song. From there, I’ll typically get on the mic and freestyle lines and melodies that work and then piece it all together.


ND: What is coming up?

KP: A bunch of singles with my writing partner, nicopop. that will conclude with a collaborative album at the end of this summer. After that, I am going to return to releasing music for my solo project. 


ND: Describe your style – musically and otherwise.

KP: My style is constantly changing. Right now, I think it’s just fun and summery. I’m sure it’ll be different by the end of the year.


ND: What is the best advice you’ve received and the best advice you can impart onto us?

KP: Don’t wish for it, work for it. Everyone thinks that it’s just luck, but it’s all about work. People that are A-list artists don’t randomly get there, they’re going at it for years. If you want it work for it!


ND: Any closing words?

KP: Have a blessed day.


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