I saw LIILY perform on the back patio at Stories Books and Cafe in Echo Park on a July evening. I first met Dylan Nash, the band’s vocalist, who went in for a hug while I precociously (and pretentiously) went in for a hand shake. He took the stage with his band later in the evening.

Impeccable timing and tangible chemistry and love made for a remarkable, intimate, and just plain feel-good performance from LIILY. It’s clear: the boys are a band of brothers and best friends and have no hang ups about showing and sharing their love for each other.

Their genuine friendship and commitment to each other make for varying tracks from the same world of pure LIILY love.

Enjoy their song “NINE” with nine fast facts about the LIILY “bois”.

1. The five piece band is comprised of Maxx Morando (drums), Aaron Reeves (guitar), Charlie Anastasis (bass), Dylan Nash (vocals), and Sam Delatorre (guitar).

2. The band’s tagline? “Let’s Rock”.

3. The band started as a two piece before Dylan, Aaron, Maxx, Sam, and Charlie came together.

4. The boys love Dominoes Pizza.


5. Maxx also plays drums for The Regrettes.

6. The boys’ commitment to each other and their music is paramount; as college decisions draw near, the boys plan to remain in the Los Angeles area.

7. Though their style can most closely be compared to alternative rock, the band chooses not to deliberately adhere to a certain style or genre.

8. The boys hail from various LA spots, including Pasadena, Beverly Hills, and the west side.

9. The boys are inseparable and have a group Snapchat to keep each other in the loop with just about everything.

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