Honeycomb” is Your Ultimate Sticky Sweet End-of-Summer Tune

Honeycomb is the type of track you melt into, kind of like golden hour in Los Angeles. It’s warm and melodiously sweet and provides a glowy aura to bask in. Complete with raspy vocals and playful riffs, the track shows a certain conviction in its vibe without overworking itself to get there.

The video’s laid-back visuals of smiley blindfolded backyard party guests in slow motion sync up with the tune’s carefree but determined aura. The Babe Parade boys are true DIY dudes; everything you see and hear is carefully curated by the band, exemplifying a true Angeleno work ethic. Pull up a lawn chair, pour yourself a cold drink, throw on some shades, and turn your backyard into a smooth, sweet Angeleno paradise with “Honeycomb.”


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