Listen to “White Rabbit” and get to know Annabelle Maginnis of MetronOhm with ten facts.

1. “Is it the matter that matters or the space between?”

Maginnis writes with chalk around Los Angeles when promoting shows or new work. A favorite tagline for MetronOhm’s music? “Is it the matter that matters or the space between?”

2. “I felt like I had to”

Maginnis started with violin around age ten. She says, [on starting to play music] “I felt like I had to.” Next came writing her own music around age eighteen as well as learning the mandolin.

3. “Beyond myself”

[while “living in New York for a few months”] “I was playing out in this park and I saw these kids dancing and that was…for me…the initiation of the necessity to share because I realized that I touched someone beyond myself.”

4. Mediums

In addition to being a musician, Maginnis is a painter.

5. “Phone-a-friend”

“The fastest ‘phone-a-friend’ thing you can do is to go out in nature or to travel,” Maginnis says about being creatively blocked.

6. Map Dots

Maginnis was born in Canada and has lived in several other spots across the globe. “The ones that I was present for…for enough time to actually have an impact were…upstate New York – Ithaca – where there are waterfalls and it seems like there are elves everywhere and woodland creatures.” She remembers living in Santa Cruz, California for “eleven years as a kid.” “Then San Francisco; I went to college up there…then I lived in Holland [for a few months].”

7. Los Angeles

“I end up spending a lot of time in Echo Park and Silver Lake and I live in Boyle Heights.” Her favorite spot? “I love Griffith Park…I love looking down at LA and having it equalized for a moment because we live in all these crazy social hierarchies…it’s nice to literally get above it…whether you’re in a cubicle or some high rise, you’re the same.”

“I know that LA isn’t founded on people who are scientists, who think everything through…but, instead on dreamers and people who are innovators and imagination-seeking in many ways which has its pros and cons, obviously, but I think the best and most beautiful part about Los Angeles is that it’s a mecca for creativity. Everyone comes here to collaborate; to learn; to grow; to extend on themselves…”

8. Collaboration

“I actually host jams at my house once in a while.” Maginnis recalls her first jam on New Years 2017. 25 people showed up and harmonies, melodies, and camaraderie aerated throughout her Boyle Heights digs for several hours.

(Maginnis and her bandmate, Kofi Asare-Aboagye)

9. “Chocolate covered velvet bliss cookies”

Maginnis and her bandmate describe their style as, “chocolate covered velvet bliss cookies.”

10. Acknowledgement

“I always just try to encourage people to acknowledge their state of growth…” Maginnis says on the subject of giving advice. That, and, “Don’t believe everything you think.”


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