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Family Piknik – paper on paper with dye, ink and stamps
An invitation to a party

In short, for better or worse, I have always favored the path of the Creative. For some reason, I have felt that I needed to express something, whether directing, writing, performing, teaching and now painting. What is the nature of that need and what is it that compels me to keep doing this work is the subject of my life.

TribeLA Magazine Acrostic Interview with Robert Soffian.3

[hoot_dropcap]Advice: What is the best advice you’ve received? What is the best advice you can give?[/hoot_dropcap]
The best advice I have received is to keep working all the time, every day. Keep a schedule. And make many things because something eventually will click. As for advice, I would say, “be yourself,” don’t compare yourself to others. Only you can say what you need to say. Be open to listen to criticism. One can always take away something positive. Work on what has been spoiled.

[hoot_dropcap]Aura: How would you describe your energy, style, etc.?[/hoot_dropcap]
I am a combination person. Most people see me as fast and witty. That is true. But I also am extremely analytical and durational.  I like to combine the strict and the loose. I think contrast is the key to things. That’s how tension is used to make things seen. Go left by going right. The subconscious is a logical system. It is easy to access if you don’t think too much. The thinking is in solving the problems. It is a wonderful life to be able to create. I am positive about what I do.

[hoot_dropcap]Room: Where in your home do you work? If not in your home, where do you feel most compelled to create?[/hoot_dropcap]
I have a studio in my home where I do most of my work.  I wish it was larger.  Still, I am glad it is quiet. For more dangerous materials I have an outside work area where I paint, hammer and spray. When I paint I do not listen to music or tv. I never get bored talking to myself and watching the work develop.  That is my meditation.

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