“Things I did in College” by Rohitash Rao

Things I did in College album cover back by Rohitash Rao

Things I did in College album cover back by Rohitash Rao

TribeLA Magazine: Give yourself and your work a Tagline.
Rohitash: The world is a ridiculous place. I do my best to capture that in my work.

TribeLA Mag: How do you spend your time off?
Rohitash: What time off?

In 2007 the “Battle of the Album Covers” went viral, getting over a million hits on YouTube and was written up in Entertainment Weekly and Rolling Stone. The “Album Covers” short got the attention of many bands and soon UGLY PICTURES started directing music videos. Since then Rohitash has gone solo and he has created several music videos that are a mix of live action and animation for My Morning Jacket, Poison, Sean Kingston, Colbie Caillat, A Great Big World and Capital Cities.

Rohitash’s digits are:

Here’s a short film on Rohitash’s Album Cover phenomena that went viral…

If you missed yesterday’s introduction of Rohitash, click the preview link below:

Rohitash Rao Makes Cool Stuff (most of the time, he says) – The “Album Cover” exhibit at Google in Venice is just one of the 12 things we love about him

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