Saguaro at Dusk by Erin Hanson

Art Today: 06.18.17 Erin Hanson brightens our Walls kicking off the week with “Saguaro at Dusk”

Erin infuses her works with movement and light in order to capture the “transience of time.”

Saguaro Dusk by Erin Hanson

The bold color of desert dusk saturates this Arizona landscape. The lively brush strokes create an impression of movement and light, capturing the emotional quality of seeing a beautiful sunset in person. This painting was inspired by the landscape near Saguaro National Park, in Arizona.

“While there is incredible spontaneous movement in each nature-scape—palm fronds swaying in the breeze, magenta clouds swirling through the cobalt sky, flowers leaning towards one another, whispering—all of Erin’s paintings are intensely calculated,” Hattie Xu reiterated in an interview with Erin not too long ago.

Artist website:

Available in: Wrapped Canvas, Framed, or Canvas Roll

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