REVIEW: Lake Superior, Michigan – a National Geographic photo of the day by Greg Tucker

by | Jan 6, 2018 | Art, Photography

Thanks for letting us hang out with you this week Greg!

Part-7: I enjoy photographing all subjects including insects & reptiles, but those genres certainly do not have the universal appeal as do subjects such as sunsets & baby mammals. I also enjoy hiking, reading, spending time with friends & family, movies. My photos have appeared in various magazines, books, calendars, & websites… and of course, TribeLA Magazine.

ART TODAY 06.30.17: California’s Mt. Whitney by Greg Tucker

ART TODAY 06.29.17: Grrrrrr by Greg Tucker

Review: Peacock calling (loudly) for potential mate – photograph by Greg Tucker


ART TODAY 06.26.17: Peacock Chick posing for Fine Art Photographer Greg Tucker

ART REVIEW of Sea Otter and Family photo by Fine Art photographer Greg Tucker