Innocent by Hagop

ART TODAY 07.11.17: “Innocent” by Hagop Belian


Innocent serves as a reminder that magic always surrounds us and that we must believe in our own power. It is a symbol of purity dedicated to all children of the world, dealing with war, injustice and pain.

medium: Mixed-media collage, wheatpaste, Sumi ink on plaster, burlap and wood

Despite the complexity of his art, Hagop is mostly self-taught—the extent of formal art training he has received is a drawing and design class at Santa Monica College. Around the time he was working on his mathematics senior thesis from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2001, Hagop had an extremely vivid lucid dream of himself covering a canvas with paint. Upon waking up, Hagop realized that he needed to hold onto that feeling he had experienced while painting. He purchased art supplies that weekend, and the rest is history. (Hattie Xu)

Hagop does commissions. They are custom animal totems created specifically for the client. For more about Hagop Belian, click here.

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