Meta by Hagop Belian

ART TODAY 07.12.17: “Meta” by Hagop Belian

Meta: a Patron Saint

Meta is the patron saint of Resurrection and symbolizes the great cycles of transformation in life. Like the lotus blooming from the mud, she demonstrates that things of magnificent beauty are born from the depths of darkness. Rooted in the elements of earth and water, she is the embodiment of the divine feminine; while her wings lift her from the material world and represent her connection to the light.

medium: Mixed-media collage, wheatpaste, Sumi ink on plaster, burlap and wood

As I turned the corner onto Abbot Kinney, I couldn’t help but feel as if I had just entered a hipster’s paradise. The street overflowed with obscure but trendy boutiques, restaurants, and salons as young, hot 20-somethings swung shopping bags and stepped into cafés for midday refreshments. I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for, but I kept my eyes peeled for street art. And suddenly, across the road against a black wall, I saw it – even before noticing the trademark red stamp on the lower right corner, I knew this was the work of Hagop Belian.


“It’s not about how beautiful something is,” Hagop said. “It’s about how it changes a person’s view. […] Art becomes something when it’s beyond the creative – it has the mind to support it. There needs to be a reason.” (Hattie Xu)

Hagop does commissions. They are custom animal totems created specifically for the client. For more, visit Hagop’s website at

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