ART TODAY 07.13.17: Peace Dove by Hagop Belian

Hagop Belian’s Peace Dove

Peace Dove is symbolic of the Great Mother and shares her connection to the divine with the world. She assists in the surrender of earthly burdens to spirit, and she is in the deepest sense, a messenger of peace. She restores balance and harmony during times of turmoil and trouble.

medium: Mixed-media collage, wheatpaste, Sumi ink on plaster, burlap and wood

I told him how much his pieces reminded me of the infamous painting, “The Son of Man,” by René Magritte – the green apple covering the face of the man in the bowler hat – and how the bone imagery was reminiscent of the surrealist great Salvador Dalí. Hagop laughed. “That’s interesting, because when I was younger, I used to love Dalí’s work,” he said. “I haven’t even put that together myself.” He described seeing some of Dalí’s art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art as a young boy, which left an impression on him because the figures seemed to be cut out, showing him that art was not limited to painting.


But while Hagop’s works are eye-catching – even startling – in their surrealism upon first glance, they are very much grounded in reality. (by Hattie Xu)

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