Raven by Hagop Belian

New Year ART REVIEW of “Raven” by Hagop Belian

Raven is Magical

Raven owns her power. She is a magician, shape-shifter, and master healer. She represents wisdom, and helps others face fear by illuminating the dark. She is known as the keeper of secrets, and holds the great mysteries of the Universe in her hands.

medium: Mixed-media collage, wheatpaste, Sumi ink on plaster, burlap and wood

The materials from which Hagop’s images are sourced are a testament to the authenticity and reality of his work. Though the images always look so cohesive, each individual component – for example, the dragonfly, pieces of clothing, her face – was found in books published in the 1800’s to 1900’s. They are public domain images that libraries have uploaded online in an attempt to preserve information as the physical books decay as well as to inspire future generations.


As Hagop uncovered some of his pieces and showed me old works stowed away in his studio – a small garage that he has converted to a workspace, his evolution as an artist became clearer. He has worked with everything from acrylic paint to wood resin, which he incorporated strongly into a period of found-object art – he has spent hours rummaging through thrift stores and yard sales looking for interesting objects, like doorknobs. (Hattie Xu)

Hagop does commissions. They are custom animal totems created specifically for the client. For more, visit Hagop’s website at madeofhagop.com

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