Moon’s Fruit for Moon’s Day (Monday)

Exclusive: Natalie Durkin Interviews Molly “Moollz” Kirschenbaum about Moon Fruit Art

This was the cover art for my first EP! I put this one in here because I have always felt a very strong connection to the moon, and I think it represents a very strong energy for a lot of my friends, as well. I also have always loved children’s book illustrations, which inspired this cover. Making this was definitely one of those “what if” pieces for me, where I just kind of let my imagination do its thing. What if you peeled open the moon and there was a 14.6 million square mile kiwi inside?

Moon Fruit (album art). Photocopied pencil drawing, printed ink, acrylic, collaged paper/newsprint, Microsoft paint (I think).

TribeLA Magazine Acrostic Interview.2

Natalie: Influence – What effect do you hope to have on us?
Molly: I think one of my main goals in my art is to celebrate the female form in all shapes, sizes, and colors. I, myself, have struggled a lot with body image and feeling comfortable in my skin as both a woman and a queer individual, and I want my art to celebrate the power of womanhood and non-conforming gender-hood, as well as sexuality and intimacy. I also tend to explore the relationship between personality and color, womanhood and nature, and bodies and moon cycles.

Natalie: Back – If you could choose a past literary/art/music movement to be a part of, which would you choose?
Molly: Oh man, so many! How do I choose? I suppose artistically I would choose expressionism or post-impressionism, probably since I love Schiele and Matisse and Toulouse-Lautrec. I also love surrealism! Big fan of Ernst, Magritte, and Dali.

Natalie Durkin

Photo by Lisa Durkin

Natalie Durkin is a content contributor and social media assistant at TribeLA. She is a student at Bard College in New York’s idyllic Hudson Valley and returns intermittently to L.A. to see her parents and black Labrador Retriever, Buoy. Don’t ask her what she is majoring in; she doesn’t know yet, but she plans on pursuing a career in drama therapy. Once, she was a debutante. Sometimes, she is an actress, waterskier, and snow skier. She is always a Sex and the City fan, animal lover, and proud Angeleno. Nat’s website is:

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