Graffiti Wall 35 by Sandy Bleifer

ART TODAY 07.24.17 Graffiti 35, 1993 by Sandy Bleifer – Collage by Sandy, Graffiti art by Eric Fisher

Multiple layers of paper were collaged creating two separate structures divided by the chicken wire, which supports the front layer. The many layers of papers and the obliterated graffiti testify to a long history of the wall. While the bold graffiti Eric Fisher painted seems to dominate the piece, it has a lot of competition from the wall surfaces. (Sandy)

Sandy Bleifer’s Graffiti Wall project 35 was created from walls with historic significance. It takes, “if these walls could talk” to a whole new level.

From Peter Frank’s essay: SANDY BLEIFER: TEXTURALITY

Across her considerable career, Sandy Bleifer has addressed any number of themes and issues. Her engagement with personal, psychological, social, and even political matters is constant and unflagging; each series she generates focuses on a different concern, allowing her at one time to concentrate on her inner self and her experiences, at another time to consider how humans relate to one another, at yet another time to contemplate the beauty and fragility of the world.

Sandy is a classically trained pianist who received her BA degree from UCLA. When she has free time, she plays piano for, and spends time with family and friends. There are two things that get her fired up: human abuse and environmental degradation, which is definitely reflected in her art. She was born in Los Angeles and absolutely loves her city of Angels. She also plays an active role in rebuilding downtown L.A.

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