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ART TODAY 08.13.17: This week – Meet the bold, earthly, whimsical artist Outi Harma

Outi Harma is originally from Lapland, Finland. Over twenty years ago her move to the warm, multicultural city of Los Angeles was the catalyst that catapulted her creative expression. Her images create exciting worlds that merge the visible and invisible. Her years of exploration in movement, dance and performance art, brings a wide variety of characters, fluidity and emotion to her paintings. Colors are bold and vibrant. Her main character appears to be a archetypal, mythological female who often illuminates soulful, spiritual power along with a earthly whimsicality. Her paintings can take you from the beautiful, playful childlike realm to the spiritual and physiological depths where your soul expands.

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Tagline: Outiart – The sacred feminine journey with whimsical twist.

Rest: How do you spend your time off?

I have three other loves besides painting:

  1. Dance. Ecstatic dance. It’s a free form dance where you listen and follow the body’s desire and how it wants to move. It ranges from moving meditation to wild booty shaking. It’s incredibly creative and healing for practice. Just like making art.
  2. I am also part of a theater group called TOHUBOHU! Extreme theatre. We have a workout session once a week and perform for two nights once a month. It’s fully improvisational, ritualistic, visual and movement based theater. Customs, sets and music, improvise all in the moment.
  3. My third love is a meditation practice called Continuum Movement.

Also taking walks with my doggie Dino, getting together with dear friends, and practicing the art of napping.

To be continued tomorrow…

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