Photographer Karim Saafir - Talley couple

Wedding REVIEW: For photographer Karim Saafir – “It is a special pleasure working with couples and creating these moments together”

Mr. and Mrs. Talley
Wedding photographed by Karim Saafir and Kenrick Sanderlin

To me the process of getting the perfect photograph is an artistic one. I love adding in the elements of a naturally beautiful environment, and making amazing things happen. (Karim)

Photographer Karim Saafir
Photographer Karim Saafir

My name is Karim Saafir, and my art is photography. Based in Los Angeles, I’ve invariably been a creative soul since my childhood. I went to Fresno State University, and while there I used a pen and pencil to bring my visions to life through hand drawings. After obtaining a B.A. degree in Fine Arts, my interest evolved and I ventured into photography. This was a natural progression, as it provided me an ideal intersection with people, art, and creativity.

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